What is Text to Speech?

Text-To-Speech (TTS) is a type of speech process application that creates a document of a spoken sound version on a computer. The TTS application includes functions such as voice-enabled e-mail. TTS is sometimes also used with sound recognition initiatives. There is no scarcity of TTS products.

 Text-to-Speech is not only available in software versions but also hardware variants. Many companies are selling hardware products of text-to-speech, such as Quick Line Pen from WizCom Technologies. It is a device that has a shape like a pen that can scan and read words. 

What is Text-to-Speech?
What does TTS mean?
Text-to-speech or TTS technology is a process application that creates a document of a spoken sound version on a computer and reads aloud digital text such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. TTS can be used for that person who is visually not well to hear the particular record. Many TTS products are available, including Reading Please 2000, Proverbe Speech Unit, and Next UP Technology’s TextAloud. Companies such as Lucent, Elan, and AT& T have products related to “Text-to-Speech.”

How text to speech software works?

Text-to-Speech is used to convert the input given or text into a speech. Text to speech is a beneficial software as well as hardware tool. It is used in many different places with different purposes. Most commonly, it is used as a vocal system for blind people. Apart from this, people use it to save their time. Nowadays, text to speech is available in nearly all gadgets. 


While text to speech is created, two things are kept in mind: authenticity and voice-over. The term ‘authenticity’ refers to how the sound of the output is heard, and it should be like a human speech. The ‘intelligibility’ in this is the easiness and understanding of the sound. There are generally two parts of a speech system, i.e., front end and back end. The front end has the responsibility of converting the texts that contain symbols such as numbers and other abbreviations. At the same time, the back end has the responsibility of converting the symbolic representations into sound. Text to speech can be used to convert the language of any text to sound. 

Text to speech software for youtube videos



Features that software must have – text to speech device


1) The software of text to speech must have high linguistic accuracy.

2) It must have fluency while reading a long text and pretend it is natural. 

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3) The software must support multiple languages.

4) The software must be capable enough to run on different platforms.


Places where Text-to-Speech are generally used


1) The most significant use of this feature is done for blind persons.

2) It is also used as a smart feature in smartphones.

3) A part of a text-to-speech feature is also used in robotics.

4) It is also used by railways and airlines. 

How to Convert Text to Speech in Python


Advantages of Text-to-Speech Conversion


1) It enhances and plays a quick role in the education system.

2) It removes the chances of physical inabilities, such as long reading hours, which can cause eyestrain.

3) It can help the students to learn new languages.

4) If one is set for the journey, it may help them listen to the e-book. 

5) It helps the senior-aged person if they have any vision drawback.

6) The user can use it as a quick method to know the particular word’s pronunciation.

7) It may help a person to know the accent and way of speaking a particular language.


Disadvantages of Text-to-Speech Conversion


1) The system of this conversion is considered very time-consuming. Before it comes into action, one needs to do hard coding and work hard on it.


2) The result of the speech may pretend to be real, but in the end, it doesn’t give that feel, and its basics are emotionless. 

3) The building of a perfect text-to-speech system is tough and troublesome.

4) Removing and completely filtering the background sound would be a difficult task for humans to achieve. 


Text-to-Speech is a handy software that is being used in today’s world. Each thing or technology has some advantages and disadvantages. Commenting on the present scenario of the world, this feature is a gem. It helps people, robots, companies, and others in many different ways. In short, the work that cannot be performed quickly by writing texts is done quickly by converting it into speech. Speech is always considered preferable for anyone rather than reading books or paragraphs. Indeed, text to speech has brought some revolution in this gadget era.

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