What is Refrigerator Haiku?

Originally from Japan, haiku is a type of short-form poetry and is now written by authors worldwide.

Traditional Japanese haiku consists of 3 phrases,17 syllables, and a seasonal reference.

Refrigerator Haiku term is based on a famous English haiku: “Haikus are easy, / but sometimes they don’t make sense/refrigerator.”

This joke funnily describes haiku poetry.

Do you know about one of the well-known examples of a Japanese haiku?

It is the Matsuo Basho “Frog” haiku: “furu ike ya / kawazu tobikomu / mizu no oto.”

It roughly translates into “An old pond / A frog jumps / Sound of water.”

Although there are no grammatical connections to confirm this, this haiku can be elaborated in the following manner.

“An old pond is synonymous with tranquillity. When the frog jumps in, the still water’s serenity is disturbed, and a sound is heard.


Now, let us discuss what refrigerator haiku is!


Nobody knows where this English Haiku originated from.

It became viral and adorned t-shirts, websites, and, in an ironic twist, fridge magnets.


Although it fits the metric of an English haiku, it is outlined to troll haiku in general.

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In general, Haiku does not have to make sense and does not conform to Japanese haiku’s strict rules.


Then, how is the content determined?

The writer’s imagination solely drives it!


Let the creative juices flow and come up with your version of haiku!

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