What is ITAD? – IT Asset Disposition

What is ITAD?

ITAD or  IT Assets disposition represents the process of recycling or recovering obsolete technologies in a manner that ensures data security. This practice shows how and where to dispose of IT hardware and recycles assets like e-waste. 


Nowadays, the whole world has become digitalized, and people are communicating through acquisitions from the different corners of the world.

ITAD companies

ITAD companies are the only companies that can run complex disposition plans with rigor and accountability because they passed rigorous certification programs for e-waste recyclers. IT companies need to protect the business against the risk of lost or stolen data with secure, fully audited, on-and-off site data erasure and disk shredding.


ITAD companies list:

  • Abington Reldan Metals
  • Tes-AMM
  • TechWaste Recycling
  • Surplus Recycling Solutions
  • SIMS Metal Management
  • SEAM: Secure Enterprise Asset Management
  • Retire PC
  • Raki Electronics Recycling
  • MRC Recycling
  • JVS Environmental
  • Gopher Resource
  • Global Environmental Services, LLC
  • Electronics Recyclers International (US)
  • EcycleTek/TekR2
  • e-Cycle LLC
  • ECS Refining
  • ECOvanta LLC
  • Comprenew
  • Avnet
  • All Green Recycling

Dispositions are a kind of management by which we manage useless assets into a new shape.

It saves the economy of the world. If we all recycle wasted materials, our nation will lead to technology. It is a way to regenerate materials like e-waste, Plastics, and much more.

In the disposition process, electronic goods are recouping so that it appears to be a brand new asset.

For instance, we are using many devices like Laptops, Smartphones, Electronic devices, which are of no use when they become damaged.

But when we give them rebirth, it again comes in the market, and our economy increases. ( IATD) has various benefits, it saves our environment also. Now the question arises how. The answer is straightforward when we use waste materials like plastic without disposition. It pollutes our environment. We put polythene bags and plastic bottles in the wrong places. The result comes that the environment becomes polluted, and we face a lot of problems. Therefore assets should be reused and

It should give them a new shape.

So that merchants can make their livelihood on these things.

Disposition of assets can securely save data from old devices like laptops and computers, which can be further saved safely.

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Disposition of assets is a great way to reuse old materials. It can save our natural resources as well. It is an excellent step towards our generation and especially our environment and ecology.

When these assets could be reformed, they can be put on websites for sale and sold to merchants.

Therefore, when we get so many facts from recycling these assets, we waste them as futile. I can become a great source of income for every nation.

Nowadays, people are well educated and know the benefits of all these assets. But, unfortunately, we put our waste materials into the garbage; even we know we could rebuild them and make them usable again.

When people understand even this is the age of science, nothing is of no use; everything could be recycled into a new device.

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