What is DGS&D?

What is DGS&D?

The Director-General of commerce and industry heads DGS&D, which stands for Directorate General Of Supplies And Disposals, and it is a Central purchase Organisation of the government. Its primary function is to finalize the government departments’ rate deals to acquire general use products or items.

It allows the Government (State and Central)to buy their owned entities that the needed products at specified prices of DGS&D. Government departments and public sector undertakings fix the contract rates for these purchases at least once a year. Still, for the suppliers, the Directorate General Of Supplies &Disposals rate contracts come up with access to satisfied customers and in a considerable proportion of purchases for a particular epoch without even answering tenders all the time.

It comprises the following things:-

  • Purchase
  • Quality Assurance
  • Shipping
  • Registration
  • Training
  • Consultancy

These functions are carried through quality and purchase assurance directorates in the Headquarters office.


-The training decorate acts as a National Institute to set out training for the government industries and departments to make full use of the purchase and quality department.

Under the Ministry of finance’s mandatory and obligatory registration scheme, Indian agents of foreign suppliers agency registration.

Purchasing stores who desire to avail of its services on behalf of the autonomous bodies, those state governments, etc.

-Inspection of stores for the Central Government Departments and Union Territories but other than those authorities by special orders.

The DGS&D rate contracts give Government buyers a huge price rate. It also provides them with the same rate throughout the year. It even extricates them with frequent retendering, allowing government agencies to control or run their inventory and financial plans more effectively and effectually. The contract manual, which is being issued by the Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals, provides information about the elements and laws, and principles of import of different legal words used in the contract.

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