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Recently one of my friends has introduced one of the coolest app called APPKARMA to me. Since I got to know this, I feel this is another way of earning some extra money. If you are a side hustler, this app can help you achieve your goal.


Here we will discuss some of the features that app karma has and how it works for people.

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App karma is a company that has placed games and other offers for its customers or users to earn rewards then redeem points for PayPal or top brand gift cards.

App karma is legal and safe to use; as long as you use it, you can earn more rewards, which will turn into dollars ( money) afterward. After $5.00 plus you can redeem or withdraw your money anytime.

Now the question is, how does this app actually work??


App karma is an app that you can download from your play store or AppStore.


It is very convenient for those who are using android phones to download the app within a second, but here are some tricks for ios users because this app is not available on iTunes.


So, there would be a little trick that you need to use, and that is, you go to safari browser and search app karma if that comes in the available option then, and if it is not, then searching appkarma.io on your Safari browser. 

Is it possible to earn rewards and money from App Karma?


Yes, to earn reward points, you have to install the latest version of this app, which is compatible with your cellphone, and start playing games on it. Just be clear that you have to play only those games inside the app karma app, not just other games on your phone.


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App karma only pays you for playing and using the stuff that it has provided in its app. There are many notifications and guide hints that pop-ups in the app and tell you what to do next. In the further step, you will know exactly how many points you can earn by playing which game.


There are some of the levels that you will be crossing by playing and using the app correctly. Further, you can earn points by achieving as many points as you can to play in games. 

You can read more about appKarma earning points process over here: how to earn points with appKarma here.

You can also earn from referral rewards.

When you will install the app and sign up for the first time there, you will receive the Inbox Dollars and Swagbucks rewards.

Inbox Dollars: In the Inbox dollars, you can earn 2400 Karma Points ($2.40), which will be 10 dollars for you.

Swagbucks: here, you have to earn up to 3000 Karma Points ($3.00) when you earn 300 Swagbucks.

you can get the complete details from here: Click here to get appKarma and start with 500 points


App Karma Giveaway

In every giveaway, there will be 4 out of all winners who will have the choice in amazon gift cards, target, Hulu, Starbucks and google play, iTunes, etc. To get eligibility for this contest, all you need to do is complete at least 3 offers.

The winner will be chosen based on the offer’s completion. The user who will have the most offers in a minimum of 2 weeks will be considered a winner, and the other three winners will be decided as their performance (completion of the offers).

It is a great fun app for earning some extra dollars.

Good Luck!

Igor Milosevic
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