What is a Voice Logger?

In the past, 30 years ago, I use tapes to record audio. Now, everything is changed, and the digital era brought us new devices.

What is a Voice Logger?

A voice logger is an instrument used to record audio from radios, telephones, and other infectious devices and store that information in a computer’s hard drive or any removable media. There are generally two modes used for recording, and they are vox mode and non-vox mode. Vox Mode is the mode where the voice is activated, and the non-vox method is that mode where recording is done continuously.


Voice logger is a system that call centers and other businesses generally use. It may also be used for emergency services. These records are kept safely and are used by security organizations and sometimes private firms too. The legality of these recordings may sometimes become a question. 

 Voice logger is one of those devices that is used by officials as well as businesses too. The companies may use voice logger for improving their customer services. The features that are being provided keep things in mind about business. The updated version of voice loggers has advanced features, flexible, and is easy to use. These quick enhancement increases the productivity for the company and helps to attain customer satisfaction. 

 History of Voice Logger

 The voice loggers have become significantly updated these days, but early in the 1990s, the voice logger recorded the audio using a codec and stored it in a digital tape. With changing times, the voice loggers also change, and now the recorded calls are stored in a file or a hard drive. 

Below is an example of the installation of a voice logger:


The first and original voice logging device was made or developed by Magnasync in 1950. It soon gained popularity, and by 1953, Magnasync Corporation sold about 300 voice loggers to the United States Air Force. Over the year, the loggers were manufactured by Arcane Logger, ASC, Comverse, Cybertech, Dictaphone, etc. By the passing of the years, there have been many changes in this field, and the master vendor of the loggers includes ASC, Exam, Red Box, etc. 

 The Types of Voice Loggers


1)   Analog Tape – It is the oldest model and was recorded by catching and storing the reel. The cassettes or microcassette is a part of these recorders. 

2)   Digital Tape – These are some of the most used or standard recorders used today. They store and also have detailed metadata relating to calls or others. 

3)   Software Only Systems – These system recorders are all software running. It may record the audio on hardware. This type of software usually records a single line at once and is limited in features than others. 

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Uses of Voice Logging 

 There are not one but many uses of voice logging. Some of them are discussed –


1)   Financial Institutions Such as Banks – Many banks worldwide have made call recording permanent. Stocking broking firms are also asked to do the same. The tapes provide quick access to voice files if any dispute occurs, saving a lot of time. 

2)   Call Centres – Voice logging is also used by call centers to check customer services and the agent’s behavior on the call. This also helps these centers to improve their services and solve the queries of the customer quickly. 

3)   Business Enterprises – As discussed above, businesses also use voice logging. It may be used in a real estate firm or by some media house. It helps the companies keep the records of all the calls and quickly check for queries. 

4)   By Tourism, Hotels, Railways, etc. – This helps record all the calls, such as railways, they record the information related to reservations. Voice logging adds efficiency to work and increases the effectiveness of the staff. 

5)   Health Care Sectors such as Hospitals, Clinic, and Pharmacy – Voice Logging help hospitals or pharmacy record verbal prescriptions. This allows the staff to save the patient’s inquiries on the phone. 

6)   Educational Institutions – Educational Institutions such as schools and colleges keep records of all the details made on the call. Recording may help these institutions to have feedback. It also provides a bridge for improving the conversation or communications between the customers and their staff.

Multi-channel voice logger
There are compact multi-channel voice logging recorders with built-in displays and simple navigation keys in the market, such as Total Recall from Omnicron. Omnicron is a voice logger dealer. Usually, a Multi-channel voice logger has 4, 8, 12, and 16 channel packages. They include Remote Recall PC software, Serial cable—2 meters – RJ45 to DB9-F, Power Cord, Manual, 12 Month Limited Warranty.

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