What is a Star Screwdriver?

A star screwdriver is a handy device that fixes star-shaped screws. Its design is made to correspond with the six-sided screws. The star screw drive creates a maximum torque between the work area and screws, thus preventing Cam during use.
The handheld equipment was developed by Textron, an aviation, automotive, and software industry. The patent name “Torx” was derived from the perfect torque building ability of the equipment. It can fix screws without slipping. The visual star appearance makes it accessible by the name of Star Screw Driver.

See in this video below how the star screwdriver looks:

The main benefit of using the Star Screwdriver is the prevention of Cam outs. The Cam out is a term coined for pulling off a screwdriver while drilling. It occurs when excessive torque is applied. Camming can lead to damage to the screw as well as the screwdriver. The design of the Star screwdriver is perfect for applying enough torque.

The Starscrew driver has a six-sided screw head. The tip of the screwdriver perfectly molds itself according to the screw shape and size. There are multiple sizes also available denoted by a symbol “T.”
“T” is followed by a number; the more significant number corresponds to a bigger sized pin. As the driver rotates, torque comes into play. It stops when enough torque is applied.

The Star Screw Driver was initially popular in avionics and computer equipment. The precision and security of the device made it famous in the automobile and construction industry as well. The exclusive Tamper-resistant version provides high-level protection. The circular post cut in the star heads requires a specific bit (A five-sided design).

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