What is a Sewing Tape?

Sewing TapeSewing tape represents flexible cloth or plastic tape generally used by the tailors to take several measures. Still, besides this, sewing tape is also available in different forms with different functions. The most common types of sewing tape are bias tape, stitch tape, and hemming tape.

What are the types of sewing tapes?

Sewing tape types are:

  • Bias tape represents tape that exclusively useful for decoration. For example, it may be used to remove unwanted parts and make a perfect neckline or armhole.
  • Stitch tape is made by folding over the edges and then pressing together with a hot iron.
  • Hemming tape looks very similar to lace and comes in different colors. This tape is fixed on the reflex side of the fabric and stitched from top to bottom—primarily used to hem a cloth when a perfect flat hem is essential.

bias tape

stich tape


Hemming tape











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