What is a Boho Skirt?

An important element of Hippie fashion & culture, Boho Skirts are considered essential to the overall look. It became prevalent during the 1960s and kept resurfacing time and again. Boho Skirts are long, flared, flowing, and fun. The length is usually below the knee length. In some cases, the size comes all the way down to the ankle.

Boho Skirts are often made using Calico Fabric. It is a plain-woven textile, where the raw fabric is dyed and printed in bright hues. Although a Boho Skirt can be made using any lightweight fabric, Calico is a more popular choice. In some instances, a Bohemian Skirt is made of several horizontal layers, each wider than the one above, and divided by stitching. Such Boho Skirts are referred to as a Peasant Skirt or Gypsy Skirt.



On the other hand, Boho Skirts are also constructed using multifarious fabrics and prints, usually known as Patchwork Skirts.


Patchwork Skirts consists of multiple tiers where the first tier is joined to the second tier slightly wider and of a contrasting color and print. The entire procedure is repeated until the completion of the skirt.



Boho Skirts are usually teamed up with embroidered vests and loose peasant-style blouses. Besides, large hats and chic boots are considered ideal to complement the overall Bohemian look.


Are you wondering where to find these staple free-flowing garments?


Then, head to your nearest Shopping Mall or skimp through an Online Store to grab these beauties.


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Or else, if you are familiar with tailoring and sewing clothes, you can try your hands at making your own Bohemian Skirt.


Designs and patterns can be easily found on Google or YouTube to draw inspiration.


Next time you are confused about what to wear for a casual hangout with your friends, don’t hesitate to rock the Boho Skirt with elegance!

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