What Does Light Diffusing Foundation Contain?


Light diffuser in makeup creates a clever camouflage and reflects light away from fine lines, wrinkles, or redness. Light-diffusing makeup products contain micronized mineral particles that enable the reflection.


In which makeup products are they found?


Generally, a light diffuser is found in liquid or powder foundation, moisturizer, primer, eye cream, and concealer.

It can also be found in body and hand lotions.

A light diffuser’s prime task is to make the skin appear healthier, brighter, and fresher. Moreover, it effortlessly smooths the skin texture, covers up all the imperfections, and makes you look chic.

In fact, there are light-diffusing moisturizers that are equipped with acne-fighting ingredients.


Revolutionary, right?

 Due to such numerous reasons, light-diffusing makeup products have gained popularity with time.


If you use light-diffusing makeup daily, make sure you wash it off with a makeup remover before going to bed.

Quite a few people have raised concerns about the level of safety.  Most of them are concerned about the entry of micronized minerals into the bloodstream. Nonetheless, nothing has been proved yet.


In that case, makeup enthusiasts can opt for light-diffusing makeup products that contain crushed minerals instead of micronized minerals.

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How much does light diffusing makeup cost?

Makeup products containing light diffuser comes in all price brackets.

The higher the price, the better the quality!




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