Careers You Can Have With a Sociology Degree and Their Earnings

What jobs can you get with a sociology degree?

The ways that help people focus and interact on solving social and other similar issues have been studied by a Sociology Major. The degree in sociology is considered good because it allows you to make your career in a variety of fields. Some of the careers you can have a sociology degree and their earning may include:

Human Resources Representative $60,000
Guidance Counsellor $57,000
Business Marketing $150,000
Market Research Analyst $64,000
Lawyer $120,000
Media Planner $48,000
Public Relations Specialist $46,000
Journalism $50,000
Social Worker $48,000
Life Coach $49,000

These career options for the holder of a sociology degree are briefly described hereunder for your consideration.

Human Resources Representative

They can use their social ability as human resource representatives or HR Reps to analyze the applicants for a particular job and retain harmony in the community at their place of work. They have the ability to examine people, make decisions, resolve conflicts and interrogate others in various types of workplaces and derive positive results in different circumstances. According to experts, normally HR reps are neither ineffective nor hated as in a workplace they can greatly handle the differences and make sure that suitable and qualified should be employed in an office so that a positive and happy environment at the workplace can be maintained. They can also ensure to provide a happy and safe atmosphere for the workers at their workplace. Their average annual income can be up to $59,000.

Guidance Counsellor

Students can go through their career in education with the help of a Guidance Counsellor. These counselors have to do various things from planning the academics and educating social problems to the students to resolving the school’s communal issues. Students can take their help in planning the schedule of their extra-curricular ventures and classes along with solving their personal problems as well as to make a better environment in the society by tackling the communal issues like substance abuse, harassment and sexual safety, etc. The guidance counselors like Ms. Smith used to help students in finding out the right classes according to the needs of their career and credit, they want to choose. The average annual earnings of a guidance counselor can be nearly $56,000.

Market Research Analyst

Finding the best ways to sell and market a product by analyzing its campaign for marketing and consumption is the main task of a Market Research Analyst. They maintain the record of advertising products, and the groups and individuals buying and consuming them. It can help them to find the best methods for marketing them by collecting and using their wisdom for analyzing that information. They have an enormous amount of information about the ways people can help in marketing a product as well as in increasing their sales. They can also help companies encourage people to buy their products. The annual earnings of a market research analyst can be nearly $63,000 on average.


To provide the best results for the problems of their clients a Lawyer has to handle all types of lawful lawsuits. These sociology related issues can be specific or general including and cases of injury, divorce, adoption, criminal law and child custody, etc. They also do lots of writing, build up arguments and research as well as gather facts, pieces of evidence and information to make their lawsuit in the favor of their clients as much as possible. They use their skills to fight for their clients in various types of issues like division of assets, child custody, the divorce of a couple married legally, reducing or abolishing the verdict in criminal offenses and compensating for the problems, etc. They help individuals seeking fair justice and making their life better by protecting the world from seeking unfair justice. The average annual earning of a lawyer can be nearly $118,000.

Public Relations Specialist

People communicating with and contacting the media in favor of their customers due to any reason are known as PR or Public Relations specialists. They use their ability to convince and talk to the media to seek stories, publicity, and coverage favorable for their patrons. In order to avoid confusion and disastrous conditions, they present the desired idea as clearly as possible. They must have the ability to understand the needs and expectations of their clients as well as exceptional skills of writing and communicating the ideas of their clients to get the media’s support. To improve the client’s business they should be able to develop attractive schemes for marketing their business. On average the annual earnings of a PR specialist can be nearly $45,000.

Media Planner

The work of a Media Planner is just like the Research Analyst of the Market but they also take care of improving the sales of a product by finding the best ways for advertising them. They have the ability to grab the interest of a person and encourage them to buy the product marketed by them. During their sociology degree, they are taught the ways to persuade and encourage people to purchase the advertised products to complete their life. They are engaged by the companies to promote the goods produced by them. They use their intelligence to find the best methods to create enticing advertisements and use them at the proper place to control the mind of the consumers of the entire world. Almost $48,000 can be the average annual earnings of a media planner.

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People involved in collecting information and conducting research to present articles or stories to read for the audiences of different platforms of media. During their degree for sociology, journalists learn lots of abilities to interview and understand people to investigate them to get information in a way that they think that the journalist will give a clear exposure to their ideas by publishing then on different platforms of media. The roles played by Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey in the movie ow to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ can be a good example of fun journalism. Being a journalist at a magazine Andie Anderson was asked to write a piece on this title. In this story, an executive advertiser is challenged to get the love of a girl within 10 days. The entire movie is based on the process of research and the struggle of the advertiser to keep the girl with him. Though, the process has been overstated in the movie but most of the journalists work like it. The annual earnings of a journalist can be around $49,700.

Social Worker

People using their communication and relationship abilities studied during their sociology degree to resolve various types of issues of their patrons in a very cool and fair manner. The problems solved by social workers can be related to abuse of circumstances like alcohol and drugs, related to the foster system, and safety of mental health, etc. They help in making the lives of the people in their community safer and better for all. They help in enabling people, who are not very fortunate, to find better living conditions for them to live with a safer, happier and fear-free way of life. They work not only with adults but with kids also to help them in living in safer conditions by encouraging them to improve their circumstances. Nearly $48,000 can be the average earnings of a social worker.

Life Coach

The person who can help in improving your way of life by focusing on all the aspects of their life is known as a Life Coach. They help in finding the things desired by you that can make your entire life better. They set targets for their patrons and plan ways to achieve them. During this process, they motivate their clients to improve their abilities to accomplish their targets. They can help their clients in improving their working conditions, remain connected with their colleagues, work collectively and attain superior conclusions. They also help people in finding methods to run and finish their lives in a better way by making good decisions. In this way, Life Coaches are the best motivators and cheering people as they can help people to take their life where they want in a better and satisfactory way. On average $49,000 can be an average earning of a Life Coach.

Business Marketing

The basic work of a Business marketer is to promote the products and services of their establishment as best as they can to attract people to use them. They can help in creating different types of ads including brochures, billboards as well as marketing campaigns for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, etc. A business marketer can be described as a person who can improve the sales of your products by using the abilities to communicate, influencing, and understanding your customers through various methods and platforms and encourage them to buy the product promoted by him. They plan programs, ads, and promotions to stimulate the interest of the consumers in the products they are selling. They make tempting commercials to compel consumers to buy the products promoted by them by working with Media Planners. The commercials made by them should explain all the goodness of the product so that within a few seconds it can compel you to buy it. An average annual earning of a business marketer can be nearly $145,000.

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