How to Make Money Online Without a Website or Blog?

How to make side money online?

Earning money online is not that big deal or a dream for several people now. I can bet that if you could get fitted with the right way to make money through a website or any other venture online, then you surely say bye to your 9 to five job at once. You will definitely give your family and loved ones; eventually, you will take back control of life and time.

Are you looking for ways to earn money online right now? If yes, then you are in the right place and reading a very comprehensive and useful article.

The great part of making money online is that you may identify hundreds of choices literally quickly while being at home.

You must read carefully because I will be sharing everything you need to understand how to earn money online.

Are you excited and ready as I am? Do have a paper and pen with you to write the main points from this article 🙂

Nearly I am in this field of making money online for the last 10 years with my website’s help, and I also know hundreds of other individuals who are making money online, in several ways, for instance, websites, courses, or unique marketing interesting strategies.

Do remember, most of the options available to make money online are not very complicated. With a little time, effort, and energy, you will be able to start earning money.


Requirements to start making money online!

What you are required to do is

(1) Laptop or desktop computer,

(2) A fast speed internet connection, and

(3) An ergonomic space to work,

(4) And a sound mind and a peaceful place will be better. Generally, for making money, online options can be classified into different categories as below.

Here is a list of the most efficient ways to make money online:

  1. Launch your YouTube Channel!

You will be amazed if I tell you the name of 7 years old child, Master Ryan. He does he reviews the various toys on his channel, and in the year 2018, he earned almost $22 million. Another person (Jeffree Star), who is at number 5, earned $18 million on his YouTube channel, and he has cosmetics brands and sells more than $100 million in products every year.

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How amazing?

If you have a passion for starting your YouTube channel, you must concentrate only on the niche to create a solid, loyal, and resilient audience. For instance, you can make some make-up tutorials and lessons, streaming games, reviewing items or products, teaching skills, creating prank videos, or whatsoever else you consider there’d be a spectator for. The importance of creating videos on a YouTube channel is to create such content, whatsoever, either people use for entertainment or educational purpose.

Don’t forget to attract the audience with titles and thumbnails. Use such keywords that are helpful and optimized for search. Upon reaching 1k subscribers, you will be able to monetize your channel officially.


  1. Launch an Online Course on Canva

Knowledge has always been demanded long. Creating, capturing, and sharing knowledge is known as one of the best options to earn money online. If you have some educational background and subject expertise, you can monetize your knowledge by offering online courses. You can make available your educational courses on Udemy to sell to the interested people or, if you already have your own prospects, on your own website. To create and launch the more widely held and effective courses, there is no harm to watch courses offered by other organizations similar to the one you are to offer.

Then, watch the reviews of such courses. What features are the people like the most and admire and what people hate the most? Now think critically, and decide what you can create and offer the best? Do consider the content that offers the best solutions to the problems people are facing currently. These online courses may be accredited and non-accredited courses, certificate or diploma courses, soft-skills related or technical, or even short courses of days or weeks.


  1. Start writing a Blog.

Writing a blog or blogging is known as a very convenient method of making money online. If you are passionate about writing, then start writing blogs focusing on a niche. You might have a long list of niche choices, for instance, a blog about Cars, Toys, procrastination, and many more. A narrow-focused may create a more loyal and faithful following.

You can start writing blogs from the various platforms, from WordPress to Shopify; there are several ways to earn money through blogging. Affiliated links can be added (apply disclaimer) with your posts, and additionally, you can monetize with “AdSense” by engaging different adverts deliberately on your site. As a blogger, you can also offer and sell and sell different digital products on your website.


  1. Being a Freelancer

Wow! The easiest option to enjoy freedom in life while earning money online is to become a freelancer. You remember! No one can stop you from earning money online upon becoming a freelancer if you have the skills of writing, administration, graphic designing, teaching, or tutoring, even a website developer. Now can identify the clients online, those looking for the same skills.


  1. Start doing assignments for other students.

If you are a student and you want to have some work that you can do easily from your home or working place so that your study time does not get affected, so there are many options for students especially to earn quite a lot of many just by staying at home and earn through their computers or laptops from the internet.

You can do other students’ assignments by charging them a normal amount, and you can send them through email. For this, you have to use any popular site or social networking site in your country, like; if you have Facebook or Weibo, or any other site besides them, you can also go on the working sites like Fiverr or Upwork and make your profile there. After getting some response, you can start working on the gigs you get. Just make sure to make your payment method secure and verified.


  1. Become a blog writer

Writing is very well in getting paid for and decent work, which will most likely not disturb the studies and the work timing if you are doing a full-time job even then you can earn from writing. Actually, there are many ways to earn money from writing as well, like you can become a blog writer, or you can write an eBook and sell it for a good amount, or you can start writing for others and get paid in return. Hence, it is totally up to you what kind of writing you are comfortable in doing so.

Sometimes it gets really boring, but on the other hand, it is decent work too. To maintain your focus on the writing gig, all you have to do is maintain your routine and regularly work on your routine.

Treat your work station as a sacred place, and also treat yourself with some fresh moments by seeing some greenery (like plants) on your study table.


  1. Go for Side Gigs

It is not necessary for one full-time job even if that is not sufficient for your expenses. You can always make time to do some extra work and earn some extra dollars too. For this, doing extra work is doing side hustling. Many people are doing many different works like doing errands and doing food delivery and even picking up the garbage can also get you some extra dollars.

Now decide what are there for you to go for easily and earn without pushing yourself too hard. You can do crafting, you can do painting and sell them, and whatnot is there to earn some extra money. After so many ideas, if you are still confused about what is better for you, I will suggest feeling free to try all things one by one, and no one will stop you. By doing this, you can gain experience, and you will know what is better for you to do in the longer run.


  1. Create an App

Creating and developing apps and selling them is one of the job favorite jobs for software engineers or tech savvy’s but do not get me on your nerves because now everyone can do this. Yes! I heard it from my friend, and she was doing this too; there is a complete guide on google that is not even any more complex, and you can easily go for it if you have passion and love or computers you can earn even more. After making apps, you can go on Upwork to sell your app making service as well.

  1. Publish an EBook

Publishing an eBook is long term work, but it pays you off in a good amount. Just read and read as many books as possible, which is the only tip I recommend for writers. The more you read writers, the more you can write, and it will be worth it in the end. You can then make a manuscript for your book and send it to the editor to get that published, and there you go.


  1. Do Translation Work

Let’s be obvious that many people want to learn your language, as explained in previous articles. Many students come to western states to get higher education. They feel a lot more difficulty speaking their language, which is a genuine problem, and students voluntarily pay for the language guidance as much as they can. So this is the better and decent option if you can help other students learn your language and charge them some minimal amount to go you will be earning enough at the end of the day because many students want to learn your language.


This way, you are helping them and kindly earning for yourself.


  1. Sell Your Stuff

This is a reality which many people do not accept easily that their houses are overly stuffed with those items that they don’t need on the ground basis. So if you really want to make some extra money, this is your best chance to use that stuff which is unnecessary to you and then sell it on the internet like Amazon or eBay, etc., fairly you will be earning quite a money for that stuff that we’re no longer in your use but can be of someone else’s use.

By doing this, you are not making some extra money but quite some free place in your home so that it can breathe. Where I guess the homes with some fine stuff looks more elegant than to overstuff your house. And this will help many people who basically cannot afford to buy new items for their homes.


  1. Become an Online Tutor

If you are a student or even if you are not, teaching is something that is an effortless task to do. Like any subject or any skill that you know you are an expert in, I believe you can teach to others quite easily, and that won’t be asking you to spare any extra effort anyway.

You can also use this idea, like launching your own YouTube channel to make a video about anything you want to share with people and earn through this. For example, if you are good at cooking, you can start your cooking channel and giving lessons on your channel by recording and uploading it. You can also give your contact in the description for those who want to learn; they may contact you and make sure not to upload too much information. In the long run, you can be making enough money after a short interval of time, and YouTube will start paying you. More in more, you can earn through AdSense as well. As far as I know, many people are earning even an extra 5000 dollars in a month, which is quite shocking. But remember, these are the ideas that will take time, and after a time, it will start paying you off.


  1. Sell Your Clothes Online

Those people who love to dress up regularly can fulfill their dream by just doing this. Make their own Instagram channel and sell their clothes they have just used and don’t want to use them anymore. It is not about selling those damp clothes but “in good condition” clothes.

This can be useful in both terms; you want to dress up and cannot afford to buy new dresses every month the same as these other people with the same thing, can go for it and buy your clothes and buy someone else’s. On the one hand, you can save money and earn through it without going anywhere. Just upload them and get paid after delivering the stuff. You can take a further contract with a delivery company to provide your stuff a pick and drop service, and in return, you can share your profit with them in this way, when you have the lower-income, you won’t have to pay them more.




Earning money online may help you make some additional side hustle money, and also, this can help you quit your job and become a full-time entrepreneur. By earning more money, you can have supplementary financial autonomy, recover your financial safety and security, and living life on your terms. It is really promising to make a living online, provided if you work smart and stick to it. There are a bizarre number of choices to earn money online, and the above discussed are just the tip of the iceberg. If you have an act of courage, time, a thirst for nearly anything, and nonetheless, some innovative skill-set, then you may be able to start an online income stream.


Earning online is no longer an issue for the people; even getting paid for an online job is not any surprise too, and people of huge density are working from home especially in this pandemic period many people are forced to do their work from home that is a big shift from offices to the home. This will not harm anyone, but there are many positive signs from this, like less electricity consumption and less pollution would be there.


And I guess working from is sometimes a hectic thing as you have to maintain your focus for a longer period of time, which is very difficult. But on the other hand, it is not bad to be with your family and do your work in your comfort zone.

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