How to Make a Habit of Waking up Early?

How to discipline me to wake up early?

Are you unable to get up early in the morning? Either you work on a daily job or are a freelancer, you wish to get up early in the morning.

I know it happens and normal too. A powerful quote of an American writer and famous poet Ben Franklin is “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

If you are a night owl and already have tried to wake up early, I know this could be the most difficult task to accomplish. Rather, I would say waking up early is a difficult task but not impossible.

I was a late riser for many years because I was in deep love with my darling sleep. But then things turned around, and that happened to fulfill my motherhood responsibilities of fixing my kids’ lunches, preparing and sending them to school. Then I decided to wake up a little earlier to start running in the morning because I wanted to spend the remaining time with my family after coming back to the office.

Now, the rational but difficult step was to implement the plan I made. Firstly, I started by waking up at 6:00 am then at 5:30 am. It was a real turning point when I decided to write a book about my life’s difficult faces and the solutions to overcome those barriers. That required complete concentration and isolation, so I tried to manage one hour per day early in the morning. I started to wake up at 4:30 am, and with continuous practice, it became my habit. After accomplishing my writing mission, I found a great sense of achievement by a happy compromise of getting up around 4:30 am. I maintained this rhythm for many months, but sometimes I got up around 5:30 in case of extreme exertion of the day past, but that was still earlier than I used to get up.

How to wake up early consistently? The only way to wake up early in a healthy way based on modern medicine is to go to bed early. If a person can go to bed before midnight everyday long-term and sleep for 8 hours, there is a big chance to wake up early every morning.

How to get up early in the morning: Tips for waking up early are below.

If you want to be an early riser, I have some suggestions to make your early wake-up dream into a concrete reality. So, let’s get started:

  1. Don’t make haste while jumping out of Bed Instantly (two alarms)

I advise you to instantly ignore the advice to jump out of bed, as it might put pressure on your nerves, which may be dangerous for your health. If you don’t carry a stressful schedule on your shoulders and wanted to have some more time in your bed before rushing into work and to make it possible before again going back to sleep. Then put the alarm on two equal intervals, the first one to wake you up and the other is for a reminder to get out of bed. You can have better results by placing your alarm at some distance.

In this way, you can give yourself some time while doing some activity of your interest like reading or writing and with the sound of the second alarm, get yourself ready to jump out of bed finally. I prefer to have a soothing startup to my day by reading any inspirational book only for 10-15 minutes to keep myself motivated for the day long.

  1. Purposeful but delightful start of the day

You will start enjoying your day when you find a real connection between purpose and excitement and start aligning it with daily routine activities. Real success will embrace you while conquering your will power and discipline. You can easily manage to come out of your bed while carrying a strong sense of achievement that will make you excited. I do believe that at the start you may feel it a bit difficult. But you need to require at least one activity that may excite you to achieve something that will indirectly make your day more productive.

  1. Convince yourself with a strong reason

If you want to be on the early risers list, you need to clarify what you want to achieve by getting out of the extra morning time. Whether you want to achieve your business targets or personal tasks such as health and fitness or spend some time with friends and loved ones for fun or maybe learning purposes. In short, before you start your plan for early wakeup, that requires a clear plan to have clear direction about effectively utilizing your morning time.

  1. Stop using electronics unnecessarily.

When I was striving to get up early, the very significant action taken was the unnecessary use of my electronic gadgets that kept me awake late at night. The only thing I did was to keep listening to some motivational stories, videos, and useful information that reminded me of the importance of time and awareness of my capacities in a useful manner. This clear segregation of time with my well-defined tasks kept me alert in getting enough sleep, and I naturally got up early.

This time management technique made me an early riser to realize that we don’t need to go some extra miles to be early birds; the only thing to do is prepare your mind for some definite directions and surmount all the hurdles in this purposeful journey.

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“O my God’’ you thinking me a very rigid and boring person. Not at all…

I just wanted to realize the importance of time and proper planning. No one can stop you from having fun in any form to make you relax, for example, movies, outings, dining, and whatever activity that keeps you fresh and more exciting to prepare you for achieving your next target with more devotion and excitement.

I am aware of how challenging and unrealistic to ignore your electronic devices seems to be an extreme step and unrealistic approach to make it a perpetual change, but keep continue with the same routine. This will surely help you a lot in taking a great initiative with this habit. This will certainly help you to avoid staying up late.

  1. Staying Awake After jumping out of bed

Most of us manage to come out of bed according to our desired timing, but after some time feel groggy and unable to stop ourselves from going back to sleep. To maintain your wake-up time earlier seems to be hard, especially when you move around your cozy bed that will be tempting. Although a cup of tea or coffee won’t seem too supportive enough, as I did try myself, but may work for some folks.

But the solution I discovered was to hit the door instantly. I found it a great strategy that kept me awake and gave me the soothing experience to breathe in the open fresh air, touching and smelling flowers with various awesome colors. Whereas hearing the whisper of nature can keep you away from all the sleepiness. The best way to keep your-self alert can be a simple exercise to have a fresh start to the day.

  1. Having realistic Outlooks

The most frequent question that I encounter is, ‘’how much time is required to become an early bird? The most common answer is four to five days to get your body used to getting up and going to bed at the same time to make yourself familiar with the newly defined schedule. It seems to be offending and quite challenging, but adopting the same pattern can help you a lot.

Suppose you are in the habit of watching movies with lots of eating stuff till late, almost might be till 3:00 am, and this maybe is unrealistic to shift your bedtime routine to 9:00 pm immediately.  This case may take a little extra time and effort as you will change two habits simultaneously.

If you make a habit of rising early can be helpful in many ways as it is composed of many related habits. This will directly work towards the improvement of other habits simultaneously.

  1. Get Sufficient Sleep or Uphold Constant Wake-Up Times?

As I know that you survive in a perfect world that demands change in our priorities, you sometimes have to complete the required tasks that demand to work hard till late at night. This situation is critical and could leave us with two choices for the morning.

  • We wake up with the same set time, although for the sake of less sleep.
  • A simple solution is to turn off the alarm and get sufficient sleep.

To choose a better option depends on what time you go to bed. Although you are late but still if you enjoy asleep for 5-6 hours, you will not be required to move from the set targeted time. If you feel drowsy and exhausted during a day-long, then you may have a power-nap in the afternoon, which will make you energetic and active again.

If you put your alarm on snooze to have more sleep, you may face failure to have a consistent schedule. If you fell asleep for some more hours, then ultimately, you won’t feel sleepy at the normal time. The entire procedure will go into a negative spiral. A good rule of thumb is, “Adjust the quantity of sleep by regulating the bedtime, not the wake-up time.”

But on the other hand, if you go to bed very late and you cannot maintain a typical alarm time by getting only one to two sleep hours, then, in that case, it will be better to off sleeping. While having a minimal amount of sleep may force you to spend your day like zombies, struggling and fighting to keep yourself awake. This process won’t allow you to concentrate on your task effectively. But, if you promise yourself to be in bed on time for the same evening, it will require extra effort from you.

8. Benefits, early risers enjoy with

As I have discussed, some tips get an early wake-up, but I need to share some of the early risers’ benefits. Here you go.

9. Academic success

If you have the same sleep and wake up pattern each day, you may become successful in creating an internal clock that prompts your body to have various activities. This recurring design helps your overall sleep health, a significant element that affects how well your brain works.

10. Problem-solving

The rested mind will be more energetic and helpful to look forward to your problems in a more organized and systematic way. Better sleep will help you to think out of the box to find solutions to the problems. Problem-solving is the best cure for your problems, and if you gain this trick and add it to your personality, you can be leading a peaceful life.

11. No jam-pack traffic

I never stop to astonish myself about how only a five to ten minutes time difference can make on morning work hour traffic. You have had the experience of being stuck on the roads with jampack traffic, which keeps you in stress to reach your office on time. If you can’t make it, then you ruin your mood for the whole day. While just leaving for office well in time keeps you relax, engaged, proactive, and fresh for the rest of the day.

12. Elimination of negativity.

Unhappily, research was conducted in 2014 revealed that individuals who sleep late are more vulnerable to overcome with reoccurring damaging opinions. I can assure this statement while handling my own business. I can’t forget those nights that I spent finding the solutions to problems related to my business like managing funds etc. But a sound sleep will directly facilitate you in finding solutions and handling any negativity that’s being terrified your way. Having bad thoughts all day long definitely gives you negative vibes and others around you; that does not sound good.

 13. Family Time

Time management and proper planning will help you to go to bed on time. You may feel exertion because of the hectic daily routine, but the time spent with your loved ones will make you feel more relaxed. This may offer you the opportunity to understand each other while building more strong relationships. Giving the family a perfect amount f quality time will never make you regret it and even strengthens your bonding with them.

14. Tranquility

The early rising can offer you a valuable analysis of yourself while considering your strengths and weaknesses. Providing yourself the quality time will make you feel relaxed, motivated, and enthusiastic while achieving your targets. You can maintain boosted focus on your work for the whole day afterward. There is a famous saying that if you wake up early and start your day by reading a book or something, you will remember that thing for the whole day.

15. Healthy Eating Habits

While compromising break-fast may lead you to clutch high fat, high sugar selections result in less energy for your physique and mind. While getting up early will provide you enough time to enjoy a more relaxed pace every morning by giving you better meal options and to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee without any interruption. These were few benefits but enough to convince anyone to become an early riser.


Largely, it is better to go to bed early in the night and rise early daily. However, this sleep timetable style may not work for everyone, but it is far more essential to ensure you take enough good quality sleep. You can safeguard this happens only by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day. The most significant advantage of getting up early is a reduced stress level. When you wake up early, it eradicates the need to haste in the morning. You can then begin your day with a positive note, and such positivity habitually stays with you during the day. Early risers frequently go to bed early.

Being a human, some responsibilities towards yourself may recall some small things like changing bedcovers once in a week than putting on new curtains for your room visual.

Many things want your attention, not in particular but in general, you can typically attend to them, and you will feel a lot more good and fresh. However, these chores seem small but leave a long-lasting impact, just like in video games, as we got a boost. Same as that, we tend to feel a booster to our mood.

Since waking up early is a good act of doing for yourself, making your bed soon after you leave is a much more decent thing you can do with your bed. Changing the sheets and giving a nice and quick clean-up go to your bed makes you feel good, and a lot of germs and dead cells on your bed covers get dusted away. It is for your cleanliness and health-related tip.


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