How to Disable Malwarebytes in 2023? – Temporarily Turn Off Malwarebytes!

Malwarebytes is one of the best antivirus software in the world. The main advantage of this software is the ability to use a small amount of Windows memory and resources and provide excellent protection.

This software can protect your PC from any attack, even email attachment attacks. It works with Windows Defender, and all your Windows security and virus protection options work together with Malwarebytes. You do not need to disable Windows protection.

However, sometimes you need to activate software that you made, some keygen,  python Exe file. In that case, you need to disable Malwarebytes just for a few minutes.

How to disable Malwarebytes?

To disable Malwarebytes software go to the main dashboard and find the “real-time protection” option. Then using slider disable :

  • Turn off Web protection
  • Turn off Malware protection
  • Turn off  Ransomware protection
  • Turn off  Exploit protection

How to turn off Malwarebytes protection - disable real time protection and Malwarebytes


The image above shows how you can use the slider to disable four central core real-time protection.

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