Steps to Increase Max Import Size Limit in phpMyAdmin – import large sql files

How can I increase the max upload file limit in PhpMyAdmin? I wanted to change the 50 MB limit and expand it to 200 Mb, only to import a few large SQL files. I tried finding answers online and saw many complicated, accurate, complex solutions.
So, if you own a server and can manage Cpanel and WHM, you can do this easily.

Step 1:
Change in PHP.ini section of WHM (Home »Service Configuration »PHP Configuration Editor):

upload_max_filesize: 200MB
max_execution_time 240 (this is not important, but large files need more time to load – I set 6 minutes)
max_input_time 240 (this is not important, but large files need more time to load – I set 6 minutes)
post_max_size = 200 MB

Step 2:
We need to change the 50MB limit in the PhpMyAdmin section. We need to go into WHM in the Tweak settings section (Main >> Server Configuration >> Tweak Settings ) :

cPanel PHP max execution time 240
cPanel PHP max POST size 200
cPanel PHP max upload size 200

When you finish uploading, the put will be in default values.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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