List of Average Starting Salaries for Each College Major in USA

Are you interested in learning what jobs you can get with your degree and the starting salaries for each? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, you will learn about the many jobs certain degrees can get you and your expected salary range. It will also give you an in-depth look at a list of average starting salaries for each college major.

Starting salaries by primary list:


Starting from the bottom is a degree in theater. In this degree, you will learn about acting, improv, and working well with others. While in the major, you will also study films, the history of the performing arts, and costume design. Another possible way to increase the starting salary is to take additional performing arts and musical theater lessons. This will increase your skillset and make you more desirable to employers.

Some possible jobs for people with a degree in the theater are theater teacher, actor, or stage manager. The average starting salary is between $26,000 and $40,000.


The next major on the list is art. A major in art will teach you about the history of art, sculpting, drawing, and everything art-related. The salary for a person with an arts degree will vary depending on which profession they choose. With a degree in art, you could pursue being an artist or even teach art.

Some possible jobs with an art degree are art teacher, freelance artist, or graphic designer. The average starting salary ranges from $30,720 to $55,860. A way to increase the starting salary is to get a master’s degree in the arts. This will open up many more high-paying jobs, including museum curator. As a museum curator, you could expect to make at least $20,000 more annually.


If you are interested in science and learning about living organisms, a biology degree would be a great option. A biology degree also provides a good variety of jobs after graduation.

Some possible entrance jobs in biology with a biology degree are biological technician, paramedic, or even zoologist. The average starting salary is approximately $41,250. A way to increase your starting pay with a degree in biology is to get a master’s or advanced degree. This could lead you to medical, dental, or even pharmaceutical fields. These careers will compensate very well.


This degree is perfect if you are interested in learning all about what a person thinks. You will learn all about human behavior and why we take specific actions. Like a biology degree, a degree in psychology is also versatile and allows you to enter many different fields. Psychology is also a growing field since many people need counseling, and people with psychology degrees are in demand.

Some possible jobs with a degree in psychology are a case manager, a guidance counselor, and a mental health counselor. The average starting salary is $42,000. If you are interested in breaking into an even higher-paying field of jobs then consider getting an advanced degree, this will lead you into medicine or even becoming a therapist.


Next on the list is a degree in education. If you have aspirations to become a teacher, this is obviously the path for you. While heading towards a career in education, you will learn about different subjects and develop a strong foundation in English, math, and science. You will also take classes that teach you how to speak and teach effectively effectively.

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On the career path of education, some starting jobs would be high school teachers, elementary school teachers, or even tutors. Your expected starting salary would be around $43,000. A career in teaching is fulfilling, knowing you can impact a generation of youth. Working as a teacher provides reasonable compensation and summers off to spend with your loved ones.


Again, for those who love science. If biology isn’t quite your thing and you are more into the chemical aspect of science, a degree in chemistry would suit you well. With a chemistry degree, you would, of course, become an expert in the field of chemistry.

Starting in the workforce with a chemistry degree, some possible jobs are pharmacy technician, laboratory technician, or researcher. The average beginning compensation is $44,000. A degree in chemistry could also be used as a stepping stone towards further education, such as medicine or even a master’s. This will further your qualifications and expertise, therefore substantially increasing your pay.


Here is an excellent option for those who love reading and writing. By majoring in English, you will learn all about English literature, how to write effectively, analyze text, and become a grammar expert. An English degree opens up a wide variety of job opportunities.

Some starting positions with an English degree include an English teacher, blog writer, proofreader, or editorial assistant. The starting salary for an individual with an English degree is $45,000. To further advance your career, you could get a master’s or even go into law. To increase your salary, there are many post-grad opportunities to enter with an English degree.


An excellent degree option is a business. This degree is highly versatile as the field of business is so broad. If you are interested in analytical thinking, management, or entrepreneurship, this degree matches you. With a degree in business, you will learn all about how the world of business works.

Some possible entrance positions are sales representative, financial analyst, assistant buyer, and business consultant. You could expect a starting salary of approximately $47,850. Since the business world is so broad, some top-tier business jobs could earn you way more if you manage to land a high-finance job like investment banking. If you are looking to further qualify your skillset and advance your career, a great option is an MBA.


A degree in communications will teach you how to communicate with others using different methods, such as verbal, visual, or audible. This is an extremely important set of skills that many companies desire.

With a degree in communication, some jobs you could land are social media coordinator, client services representative, and public relations. A reasonable estimate for an entrance salary is $52,000. A way to increase your salary further with this degree is not more education per se but self-learning essential skills. Specific skills are precious to companies; if you continue to develop, you will be unreplaceable, valued, and compensated well.

Exercise Physiology

Next up is a degree you may have never heard of. In this degree, you will learn all about the human body and how exercise affects and conditions it.

Some jobs with this degree include physical therapists, personal trainers, and exercise physiologists. A typical starting salary for these types of jobs is $52,164. To further increase your pay, a doctorate would do the trick. This will allow you to enter other medical fields.

Mechanical Engineering

If you love science and math, mechanical engineering is a very good choice. Engineering is definitely one of the hardest undergraduate degrees you can take, but it is worth it in the end. Engineers are important as they design and create, utilizing and applying the principles of science and mathematics.

A degree in mechanical engineering can get you a job as a machine operator or a service engineer. Compensation typically starts at $58,000.An option to advance your engineering career is to get an MBA. Combining your engineering knowledge with a professional business degree is an excellent option. This will provide you with knowledge about the business world and teach you how money works. This will help you land higher jobs, including a project manager.


If you are interested in the healthcare field and have a genuine passion for helping others but don’t want the long path and responsibility of a doctor, nursing is a great career choice. A nursing degree will teach you about science and allow you to take classes on how to effectively nurse patients.

A degree in nursing will lead you into a job like a registered nurse, case manager, or nurse assistant. You can expect a starting salary of $58,928. A doctorate is a good option to further advance your career and earn more.

Construction Management

Next up is a degree in constriction management. This is a good option if you would like to be in charge. Construction management will prepare you to oversee and plan out large construction projects. Since construction is always needed, this industry pays well.

A degree in construction management will allow you to work as a construction manager, commercial or project manager. Usually, the salary is around $69,200, a significant increase from the previous job mentioned!


For those who love numeracy, this degree is perfect for you. A mathematics degree teaches you about complex mathematics, logical thinking, and problem-solving. This degree is fantastic since it is well-rounded and will prepare you for many jobs.

Some job options with a degree in mathematics are an actuary or mathematician. A starting salary expectation is $74,000. With a mathematics degree, you could even become a teacher or perhaps leap into the business industry. The possibilities are endless with a degree in mathematics.

Computer Science

The final field on this list is computer science. A degree in computer science is a phenomenal option at the moment. This degree is future-proof as the world rapidly evolves into a technologically advanced society. With artificial intelligence, robots, and many more exciting machines predicted to come, the demand for computer science is rising. A degree in computer science can be very lucrative for you.

You can land some jobs with a computer degree since we are in software engineering and computer programming. The entrance salary for these jobs is very high, starting at around $75,000. As you establish your position in a company and prove your skills, your salary can rise quickly. The way to advance your career in this industry is to continue developing your skillset, this can be done by learning new coding languages or maybe even graphic design, this will make you desirable to companies and provide you with a handsome salary.

Overall, there are many different career options to choose from, all of which have a wide range of salaries. Hopefully, you found enjoyment and information reading this list of average starting salaries for each college major.

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