Starting a Consulting Business – How to Start Your Own Consulting Business Checklist

To start any consultancy business itself is a big challenge, but starting a business when your objective is to help other people run their own business more efficiently is challenging.

There are a lot of misunderstandings about the consulting business. Usually, people assume that they will have exceptional qualifications and credentials if they want to become a consultant, such as a professional consulting business plan, a snobbish suit, and an elegant workplace.

They also think they will have to hire employees and schedule face-to-face appointments with large businesses.

Occasionally, they think that consulting business is only for business management, HR, supply chain management, management, and or Informational Technology.

But this is not true.

Let me make your life easy! What this is all about “Consulting Business.”

The term “consulting” is defined as the process of offering and providing expert opinion or advice against a particular fee. Very Simple!

Now let’s discuss the dictionary meaning!

What is a consultant?

The “consultant” means a person, an expert and knowledgeable, who works as an advice-giver in a certain field or area, either to an individual or a company.

How to Start Your Own Consulting Business?

To start your own consulting business, consulting agency is a process where people need proactively to define their niche, setting online business consultant or entrepreneur consultant rates, and then expanding the network. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways for a new consulting business to attract and retain clients.

How to start your own consulting business described in the video below:

It seems pretty nebulous.

Let’s make it simpler!

Consultants are those experts in their fields, and they tend to possess such valuable knowledge, and others (an individual or a company) are ready to pay for it willingly.

Now you need to be more precise on it. Consulting is a little more than providing advice.

Additionally, consulting services may include various activities, such as data gathering, problem identification, feed-back, action plan, and implementation.

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Consulting firms and consultants are highly hunted because they can introduce a fresh and unique perspective to an affecting problem or challenge. Sometimes, individuals and business leaders need an unbiased perspective when they come across an issue. If you are an expert in that field, you can offer your consultancy services against mutually decided compensation.

Consulting Business and Business Consultant

Business consultant and Consulting Business are two different terminologies. In the upper section, I have explained the “consulting business.” Now understand that what is a business consultant?

A business consultant is a skilled and expert individual in the business field who studies businesses, generates solutions for different business-related issues, and helps business owners develop cost-effective plans to accomplish their business goals. Generally, they develop their methods or structures to help businesses and endorse how to realize business goals more efficiently.

A niche business tends to be a good option to look at it while thinking of starting a consulting business of any category. Although clients look for guidance from an expert in a certain field simultaneously, they are not willing to have their full-time services. That’s the point when you are required to play your role as a consultant.

If you have knowledge, skills, and expertise in a certain field to offer others, and you are excited to be your boss, then starting your own consulting business could be a life turning moment for you.

Although consulting is considered an industry and was controlled by large firms in the past, now you can launch a successful consulting business even from scratch and fully online.

Consulting business is one of the best business options for you, with less cost to penetrate the consulting industry to earn money online.

Do remember!

If you’ve got some applicable expertise in a certain area and have appropriate industry knowledge that your businesses can tap on, you must definitely learn how to start an online consulting business. The consulting business allows you to earn money while being at home, with very little investment.

How does it sound?

Top Consulting Businesses Flourishing Today

You can start your consulting business in any field of your choice. Following is the key area being considered booming these days;

Accounting consulting

    • Accounting is the need of every business these days, no matter how small or large. Consultants in the accounting field can help businesses with all of their financial requirements.

Advertising consulting

  • To build a strategically effective advertising campaign, usually, consultants are hired by a business.

Business work consulting

  • If you are carrying a valuable business sense with some expertise, you can surely perform well as a business consultant. After IT consulting services, consultants in this area are the next most hunted after. Entrepreneurial understanding can help a business turn into a profit.

Business writing consulting

  • Business owners face many challenges when they are supposed to write business reports or proposals and even their business websites.

Career counseling

  • Career counselors will remain in demand, till the time, corporate downsizing exists. A career counselor guides his/her clients into a job or profession to chalk out an outline to advance in the career ladder.

Editorial services consulting

  • From producing various newsletters to corporate annual reports.


  • The demand for gardening consultants has increased into a $1 million-a-year business.

Computer Programmers consulting

  • If you are a passionate person and know everything from software to hardware, your prime challenge wil bew to manage and meet all of your clients’ demands in a day.

Human resources consulting

    • HR consultants will enjoy neve-ending stock corporate clients, as long as small or large organizations have people problems. Four P’s (People problem prevention program) includes schooling employees to get along with peers, tolerance, equality, diversity, and inclusion.


Payroll management consulting

  • Employees at the workplace are required to get paid for their time and services. Therefore, you can offer various business organizations services based on your expertise and knowledge in payroll management.


  • As a Tax consultant, your career can be very lucrative if you have a pure interest in taxes. A tax consultant guides businesses on the legal aspects to pay the slightest amount of tax possible.

CHECKLIST: Starting Consulting Business

You can start your consulting business any time successfully if you follow the checklist below like a Bible;

  1. Focus on strengths and skills you have
  2. Finalize your niche
  3. Identify market needs
  4. Prepare an elevator pitch.
  5. Develop your Rolodex
  6. Make your online channels.
    • Website, Blog, Social Media, Video Content
  7. Prepare business proposal templates.
  8. Establish a pricing structure
  9. Be aware of your processes.

Focus on Strengths and Skills you have

As a consultant, you will be required to solve the client’s issues and problems they can’t solve themselves. While starting the consulting business, it’s significant to hold profound knowledge in a particular area to provide value to your business clients.

Evaluate your strengths and skills before you plan to offer them to your clients;

  • Job Experiences
  • Job Roles
  • Technical Skills
  • Soft Skills

It’s also essential to look out for any improvement area (weaknesses) or skills shortage that may gear you up in the future. For instance, do you need persuasion skills? If so, then you may be required to find a partner with such skills, or you will have to acquire them through a training course.

Finalize your niche

Don’t promise to offer everything to anyone; rather, focusing on certain services to a particular market segment will be better. This is how you can shape up and advertise your marketing message and services to this niche segment to attract your customers.

Identify market needs

Once you’ve recognized your niche, then explore what possible problems, challenges people face, and the pain points businesses in your niche frequently experience. If you cannot do so, then there is no harmin lookingk into other associated forums orconnectingt to the real people in the niche segment.

You can identify market needs once you listen to the thought leaders’ viewpoints online. What area of confusion they believe, or is there any heated debates in comment sections or forums over a specific topic? What pain points or challenges keep popping up? At what level you can solve those problems. The higher the issue, the higher the money.

What do you think now?

Prepare an elevator pitch.

Do remember! This is a very significant part of your business. To start your online consulting business, you are required to identify customers. Assume for a while; you now know your possible customers.

I ask you now, how will you inform your customers about what services you’re are offering? Although, with many options, you can start with. But I suggest you begin with an elevator pitch (services related) to convince your potential customers if your consulting and coaching business experience is limited.

A short description of problems your prospects are facing and the solutions your consulting business offers is called “an elevator pitch.” You are required to construct an elevator pitch (at least 3 sentences), including how your services are different from other key players in the same industry.

An elevator pitch will be your business value proposition. What are you offering (solutions) to potential clients? What particular issue will you help solve? The right customers with the precise problem you can solve will attract your customers. Don’t forget to hook prospects in and make them interested in finding out more.

When a prospect approaches to find out more information, you may present your story and solutions in more detail.

Develop your Rolodex

To make your consulting business a success, you are required to get connected with popular networking websites, for instance, LinkedIn to get connected with prospects in the selected industry. Do get connected with the key people and always seek their introductions. It is better to make your networking account more professional and expressive and connect with the individuals you already know. Do request references and testimonials from your friends, associates, and colleagues. This how the online consulting business works.

Make your online channels.

This is very important to portray yourself as an authority and consultant in your chosen field. You can establish yourself as an authority and credibility; several digital options can be used.

Create an attractive but simple website for your online consulting business, build a strong social media profile, and get started making valuable content on such digital platforms

Below is what you consulting must have;


  • Analyze your business competitors and other players in the industry websites. You can even get references from other sites. Mind it; your business website showcases your professionalism and expertise. In my opinion, do your consulting business by yourself that is very easy and interesting. In a few weeks, you will be able to manage and maintain your website.


  • Writing a comprehensive blog will be an opportunity and help you make you a thought leader in your selected field. This is also considered to drive fresh traffic to your business website.

Social Media

  • I suggest that if you want success in your new venture, then you need to be visible, at least on the most popular social media platforms. Usually, business professionals use, for instance, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. For consumer-focused services, you may consider other platforms such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Video Content

  • Although it is tough to build trust online, the video’s content can establish some of this trust, at least. You can post your business services videos on various platforms such as YouTube, Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, and even your business website to get concentrated and maximum exposure.
  • You will have to learn how to market a consulting business of yours. It will be better to focus on high-quality content that delivers huge value to your potential customers. Sooner or later, the customers will, in your niche, take notice of your business.


Prepare business proposal templates. There is no need to waste time and duplication of efforts while creating a project proposal. You need to create standard documents, forms, and other needed templates. You may be required to have all the templates ready all the time with

Standardized and same templates will certify that your work constantly has the identical professional look and impression and covers all related aspects. It will be better to be reliable in your approach that ensures your consulting services are always consistent at their best.


Establish a pricing structure

This is another important section of your consulting business that sets the prices or services charges for the services you are intended to charge from your clients. You can decide on the pricing structure, considering the number of hours a typical consulting service may take on average and the consumed resources.

Be crystal clear to answer the question that will be frequently asked: “How much will you charge?”

Constantly struggle to deliver immense value rather than reducing your prices. On the other hand, if you plan to charge too little, clients may not consider you seriously.


Once you have decided to start your online consulting business, you will be required to do well. You must follow the checklist as we discussed above to put your Consulting Business on track to success. Having professional and technical skills, becoming an authority, and branding yourself through a consulting business firm can be a worthwhile and lucrative business venture.


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Daniel Smith

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