What to Do When Audio is not Working on Skype?

Skype is a popular communication tool developed by Microsoft Corporation. Being a free texting and video-calling service, Skype is utilized by many organizations worldwide. It operates across a wide range of distances and works on all desktop and smartphone systems.

Sometimes, people face audibility issues while using Skype.


What to Do When Audio is not Working on Skype?

Usually, the most common problem is Skype Audio settings configuration. To fix Skype Audio Settings, open Control Panel>Sound (or Sounds and Audio Devices) and ensure the sound devices match at Computer and Skype. Check that you’re using the device selected in your Skype sound settings if you have multiple devices listed. If the other person is inaudible to you, or vice versa, you need to modify sound settings or use an alternate device. If it still doesn’t work, you should check your network connectivity or talk to the service provider.  

Basics of Skype Application

Skype is a software application for voice calling, video conferencing, and messaging. Since its inception, it has been owned by several companies at different times. At present, Skype is considered a product of Microsoft Corporation. Its services are offered for commercial as well as personal usage.

There are variants of Skype available for existing operating systems like Windows or Mac desktops, Android or iOS smartphones, and smart speakers like Amazon’s Alexa. In addition, you can place a call from one Skype account to another at zero cost. The only requirement is to make a Skype account before using it.

While the usual audio/video calls made through Skype are free, the conventional phone calls are paid unless you have set up a phone number to receive the incoming ones. Skype is commonly preferred for free global business calls as a substitute for costly long-distance phone calls. If you opt for conventional phone services, you must pay per the call receiver’s country/location. As a result, international phone services are priced higher for some countries than others. Alternatively, you can buy a monthly plan covering the requisite set of countries you wish to call.

The workings of Skype also depend upon your network connectivity. A poor internet connection is one probable cause of intermittent or unstable audio on Skype. If this is the case, ensure that you are within the network range or near your Wi-Fi router for more robust connectivity. Else, ask for assistance from your internet provider.

Skype Sound Not Working

When you are on a Skype call, and the other person is inaudible to you, or you are inaudible to them, there can be a problem with your system’s sound settings, the other person’s system, or a Skype error.

In this scenario, people at both ends need to work to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, you can use Skype’s instant messaging option to convey to the other person. In case of a video call, you can also gesture to the person regarding the audio trouble. Besides, you may explain your issue via email.

Fixing Sound Issues in Skype

The functioning of speakers and microphones can be checked through an inbuilt ‘echo call’ option. But if you are on a Skype call, you will have to abort the ring first.

Search Skype’s ‘Echo/Sound Test Service in your contacts menu.’ Then, make a call to the contact given for this service. Hereon, you will be asked to drop a test message and get it echoed back to you. If you hear it well, your system’s sound settings are fine, and the problem is likely to be with the other person’s device. Tell the other person to examine the audio settings in the same way.

But if you cannot hear your voice back, there is some trouble with the speakers, or the audio system isn’t set rightly. Further, if the instructions are audible but not your message, your microphone may not be faulty.

Tackling Speaker Problem

If you do not receive the voice during a Skype call, the problem is likely in your speakers. You can play some other audio programs and observe if you face the same trouble checking the speakers. For instance, browse to a website such as YouTube, launch an app like iTunes, and play any music file or video with sound.

Firstly, if the sound isn’t audible, ascertain that your headsets or external speakers are securely attached. Try unplugging them and playing the audio via your system’s inbuilt speakers. Another option is to try the same with another sound device. Ensure that the device’s volume buttons are not muted or too low to hear. Sometimes, the volume buttons are set to a low level by default, and you have to keep altering the controls till you hear the sound. In a smartphone, the volume controls are present on either phone side. However, sound buttons on computers and laptops are generally found on the keyboard or somewhere in system settings.

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If you are working on this on a Windows PC/laptop, navigate the ‘Settings’ menu given in the ‘Start’ menu. From the ‘Settings’ menu, Pick the ‘Sound’ feature and adjust the corresponding slider to a higher level. Similarly, on ss, the volume button from the menu bar is present on the screen’s top. Therefore, you can change the volume on your Mac computer by pushing the slider. The other way is to use volume controls on the keyboard.

Tackling Microphone Problems

Another reason for inaudibility on a Skype call is a defective microphone. First of all, inspect your microphone with the help of a Skype’ test call’ option. Then, if using an external microphone device, switch to your system’s internal or built-in microphone. If it is not feasible, you can try using another external microphone.

If you don’t hear the recorded sound message, check whether your microphone is set to mute or deficient volume. To do this on a Windows desktop, right-click on the speaker at the taskbar and choose ‘Recording Devices.’ Then right-click on your microphone given in the menu and select ‘Properties.’ In the ‘Properties,’ you will notice an option of ‘Levels.’ Modify the sound levels and click ‘OK’ to keep the required settings.
iPhone microphone not working

If you are using a Mac computer, go to the Apple icon present on the top end of the screen and choose ‘System Preferences.’ Here, It helps if you change the audio slider’s sound level.

On an Android or iOS smartphone, Sim hereditary increases the output volume from the buttons located at either side of the phone. This will also elevate the input volume and sound level of the microphone.


The instructions given in the article are meant explicitly for Skype in Windows 8. Comparatively, the steps may be a little or more different in other versions.


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