How to Simplify Your Life?

In the 21st century, there is huge stuff of technology that needs our time and energy to spend on them. All-time cellphones, laptops, and screens have sucked our brains and have effected our eyesight.

What is the meaning of the term “simplify your life”? Simplify your life means simplicity in daily routine, to pick a few important things in your life and dedicate yourself to them. If you pick that your family and a few good friends are the most important things in life than simplify life, spend your time with friends, kids, parents and try moderately to enjoy food, drink, books, movies, and all small but important things.

One could not even imagine living in peace with all these things especially if you have to move with this society. But by following some tactics you can bring peace to your life and can move with this society as well. Using technology to a limit is the necessary step above other tactics. It is not only to technology using something to its extreme is dangerous and it leaves negative effects on your health too.

In order to have a simplified life, there is one more thing you need to do, is to be kind to others. This is a good gesture you show to others. You will have the same thing back to you from the same person or other. Love, appreciate, accept others, and respect their differences too, to make your surrounding peaceful and happy.

Then comes the following ways.

1- Spend less time on screens.

If you want to have a simple life, there are few things that you need to cut off from your life. The first thing is the TV. When you stop spending your energy and time on watching TV, there will be more time for you to utilize on productive things. TV might be useful in the sense, that it provides live news updates, etc.

But using different apps to stay updated is all on your cell phone. TV is an extra expense. Simplify your life and cut off the unnecessary stuff from your life. You will see the peaceful time coming to you.

Yes, it is difficult for those who are addicted to watching TV, they can slowly leave this addiction by cutting off the time that they initially spend on TV. Few hours each week will help you to leave this completely one day.

This will not help your brain and eyesight and giving back your time to you but shockingly it will save your electricity bills and cable bills too.

2- Go for free entertainment.

Have you ever imagined how much people spend on Netflix just to watch a series or movies or seasons? Like you can watch them on other free websites…. There are a lot of them. Spending 100 dollars or more just to watch movies is totally insane. You don’t even get this much time to watch 100 movies in a month then why spend this much money on it.

Besides this, you even spend on your phone bill and on TV cable and going to the cinema. You have to take a break, however.

3- Pay off your debt to simplify your life.

Simple life comes after your peace of mind. If you are stressed out or having anything on your mind, then how come to have a peaceful life?

To ease your mind there is a necessary step you need to take, remove the burden from your shoulders. The burden of having any bad relation, the burden could be having a loan to pay off with high-interest rate, the burden even could be a debt whether small or huge.

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Free yourself from any kind of debt and pay off them as soon as you want to have a peaceful life.

5- Don’t hold any negativity.

If you keep having personal grudges for someone else, you would not have any peace. Just cut off the crap and ignore them and their mistakes if they have wronged you.

Keep on living your life and let them live theirs. Do not go against others without any reason. Stay silent when others have an argument and never hold any negative thought in your mind about others. It will not only pollute your mind but your heart too.

6- Organize your life in 2020.

Make a journal and a fun calendar it will remind you what fun activity you would have today. One of my friends asked me to do this and I personally make my fun calendar, believe it or not, it really makes my day extraordinary special.

One of the basic benefits you will be getting is an organized life and the other that you need to have fun daily.

7- Learn to say NO more often.

When we start agreeing with others on different opinions we start losing ourselves. This is not as simple as we think. For example, my boss asked me to go on a vacation to the Maldives, I agree with her. After two days of work over there, she asked me to go swimming. I was afraid to say her no so I had to agree. Over here let me tell you that I am allergic to seawater or any kind of salty water. I get skin rash and it lasts for three to four days even after taking pills. So, what happened next you can imagine easily.

After that, I had to work and go to meetings informal dressing with my red itchy skin. This was the worst experience of my life. Since that, I asked myself is it worthy to compromise on me than to say a single word NO!

This was my lesson, and I do not want you people to make the same mistake and compromise on yourself. Saying no is not a big deal you can even refuse your boss.

8- Spend less time on social media in 2020.

Here we go with the difficult task ever and you might not agree with me on this. If your supercool person on social media this will be a life and death task for you, but you can always give it a try.

Being on social media does not make you feel at home, or to have 1000 followers right beside you to accompany you.

This all is just limited to your cellphone if you lost your cellphone for one whole day, who will know what might have happened to you. You need to ask yourself. Whether it is worthy of being followed by millions or thousands and still have no one with you on the dining table for dinner.

You have to be mature one day or another and think about who and what is really important for you.

9- Pay your expenses.

For the payment of your expenses, it is better to make calculations on a larger scale for 6 months or a year, in this way you will have in mind what is there for you to compromise. then try to py all your expense bi-annually or annually.

10- Downsize your life to have stability in finances.

Most of us want high class, luxurious and technology-based facilities in life. who does not want to have them?  an updated luxury car, a penthouse or apartment, double story fully furnished house, tech watches, full-size plasma tv, vacuum, home appliances, and what else could you think of.

But these all do not come free, nor will they remain free. if you think you have paid for an hour and now you won’t spend a penny, then you are daydreaming. once you bought a big house, your monthly expense will become double on it. it counts as the preparing cost, maintenance costs and cleaning costs add up to your monthly expenses soon after you buy a big house. the bigger your house is, the double the cost will be. if you have a small family it is completely fine to live in a less small house. it won’t cost you that much even you feel cozy, you can have peace in mind to lead a simplified life.

11- Think about what is truly important in your life.

When you have decided to pursue a way to simplify your life, then prioritizing things is an important step in this.

12- Fewer clothing options make you comfortable with your life.

How this can be possible?  the fewer option you have the more you are considerate not to spend much money on new clothes and your style statement will become more sensible according to the availability of the options.

Clothes do not define anyone, if you have more clothes that have nothing to do with others you are just compromising your money in trying to impress others. spend less on clothes just try to buy those clothes that have the need for. do not buy highly expensive clothes too.

13- The less you own the fewer things will own you.

There is a huge bundle of things in your house like it is in mine. I buy things more often and totally forget to discard the previous ones. if any of you have the same habit as mine then congratulations that we are going to donate all of our old stuff and going to make some little humans happy.

In our lives, we cannot even imagine how to pay thanks to GOD that we are hugely blessed with all facilities and many like a lot of people do not even have three proper meals to eat.

It is our responsibility to give them what we have for ourselves. we have stuffed our homes with many unnecessary things that do not value now but do not give them to others too.

So to lead a simplified life this is our chance to give the old stuff that we do not need now to those who need it badly.

14- Maintain and boost your confidence.

For a simple life, you have to boost your confidence in you so that you can keep on living with this lifestyle. if you are not confident about your life you will lose this.

Love yourself and have confidence in your decisions. if you lose your confidence others will try hard to mold you according to their lifestyles and it may ruin you and your setups. be confident about what you have and what you want to do.

15- Put Reminders on your phone and stay aware.

Having a lot of stuff on your to-do list makes your day schedule complex somehow, put on reminders on your phone in case you may miss something important on a day.

push your notifications for the news update national and international news too. it will help you to stay aware of the present situation, regarding what is happening in your area or your country.

Read more articles and news or books, to keep yourself in a busy state.

16- Slow down and appreciate your blessings to simplify your life.

If you want to have a simple life, appreciate more of your blessings around you. know that, not all people have them what you have without even asking others to give it to you. first comes your healthy body, a shelter (house), transport, and food, and family. if you have all of them then you should consider yourself as one of the 5% richest people on earth.

Being such a rich person and you are rushing to the end of your life, why? 

when we are young and we rush to move to college, then we rush to become a graduate, then rush to get a  job, and now we have a job and we are rushing for multi financing. Just hold on here and think for a second what if today is our last day?

Is it worthy of all to rush to the next day without appreciating the present day? once it is gone it will never come back and we still rush to next on next.

The loss we will bear in our old is to have fewer memories, because we are not making any. memories are made when we appreciate and love what we have right now and stay happy with it. so for a meaningful life, we should slow down and love everything we have right now.

17- To simplify your day spend some time alone.

Although simplified life has a lot of ways I like to pursue this way more than others, and that is spending some quality time with myself. I spend at least 1 hour daily and sit alone, sometimes if I am confused regarding any decision I prefer to discuss that matter in detail with myself. it may seem weird but talking to yourself helps you to see through details and reach any decision quite easily and hiddenly.

No privacy issues come up this is a plus point. you don’t hesitate to talk about what to say and what not to say.

Some peaceful time with yourself gives you an eye to appreciate what you have, and you can plan your future too.

18- Participate in sports instead of watching TV.

It is obvious, that you need other activities too if you do not have a TV in your schedule to watch, the best substitute is sports. the more you exercise the more your body stays in a fit. you will less likely to ask for sick leaves from your work.

There is a famous statement: “A healthy brain is in a healthy body”

If your body is healthy then ultimately you can call yourself mentally fir and healthy too. It boosts your bearing capacity and a sense of self-motivation comes to you when you participate in a sport. you learn how to work in a team. if it is not an option for you to participate in sports, then try to gather with your friends and play your sports weekly or twice / thrice a week. your company will have more time with you then to spend on Tv or social media likewise they will lead to this pace eventually.

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