How to Use SEO Keyword Research Tool and Find Top SEO Keywords ?

5 Best SEO Keyword Research Tools for Startups

A keyword analysis is considered to be the crux of any search strategy. Nothing more so as compared to for the start-ups. It is essential to create a technique around the key phrase you intend to get ranking for, and you will find an abundance of SEO key phrase resources for aiding you with that.

Needless to say, it can be somewhat tough to understand where to begin. Down the page, you will come across the best SEO keyword research tools.

I suggest for startup companies to start a well-rounded keyword base to help you in your promotions.

1. Google Keyword PlannerOpens in a new tab.

This is deemed to be the ideal place to begin on the subject of keyword lookup tools.

Even though it has been created for promotion, it can be used for researching organic key phrases by personalizing your outcomes for any of your rivals.

All you need to do is type in your service or product, the landing page of your contender, plus the item group. Your search has to be personalized for certain types of key phrases.

google keyword planner SEO tool

Keyword Planner can help you to:

• Look for a new keyword in addition to advertisement group concepts like we see on the image below:

google keyword planner discover new keywords

• Obtain search volume intended for a listing of key phrases or categorize them into advertisement groupings:

google keywords planner search volume

• Obtain traffic predictions for a listing of key phrases

• Increase keyword listings for obtaining innovative keyword suggestions

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It is best to focus on advertisement group ideas plus keyword concepts since they can assist with Search Engine Optimization.

Advertisement group concepts consist of collecting associated key phrases, which we might not see in common keyword suggestions.

Make it a point to focus on competition, average month-to-month queries, along with other obtainable metrics for finding out appropriate key phrases to focus on.

If you want to do PPC and SEO collectively, Keyword Planner will assist you in figuring out which key phrases are preferable to target with marketing or organically.

Keyword Planner’s ideas can also be utilized as a foundation for building long-tail key phrases by using several other tools mentioned in the following paragraphs.

2. KWFinderOpens in a new tab.

It happens to be a long-tail key phrase research application that can boast of an excellent user interface. It will show you search volume, trend, plus the number of issues in outcomes.

kwfinder seo tool

As expected, although it functions as a keyword locator, if you click an individual key phrase, another pane appears displaying the difficulty level (1 to 100) along with the present Google search outcomes:

In this way, you can assess key phrases, and it will demonstrate what domains are focusing on specific keywords, the backlinks of the page, social shares, and visitors. These additional keyword dimensions could be related, particularly while combining content marketing and SEO.

Apart from this, KWFinder lets you deal with local keyword analysis – it is possible to target the search results by state, city, or country.

3. Moz’s Keyword ExplorerOpens in a new tab.

This one is a brand new application by Moz, which helps to add additional proportions to keyword investigation. Besides Difficulty and Volume, Keyword Explorer provides the following:
moz keyword explorer
• Opportunity: Comparative CTR of the organic outcomes on a SERP

• Significance: How crucial is the keyword for your advertising strategy

• Potential: A combo of all the keyword metrics for helping you to prioritize

The application showcases Google Suggest, Keyword Planner, plus Associated Queries. If you have already put together a listing of keywords with another tool, they can easily be uploaded to Keyword Explorer for obtaining more ideas and begin prioritizing.

The Keyword Planner furthermore provides a more profound comprehension of why specific pages get ranking in search engine results pages according to social information and link plus social data too. It will aid you in preparing your SEO technique over and above keyword analysis.

4. Keyword ToolOpens in a new tab.

It is an excellent starting place for keyword info exploration. Keyword Tool utilizes Google Autocomplete info for creating its data bank of long-tail keyword recommendations.
google autocomplete tool
Any person who is using the Keyword Planner of Google for keyword analysis must also utilize the Keyword Tool. Keyword Planner has been made for advertisers, and therefore, it will not always display profitable long-tail keywords captured by Keyword Tool.

It won’t cost anything to use this application for the initial 750+ keyword ideas; subscribe to the pro edition for studying keywords even more and see information including CPC on AdWords, search volume, plus a competition. You can also export your outcomes to CSV.

The Keyword Tool has another awesome feature which is that it likewise assists you to come across long-tail key phrases for Bing, YouTube, the App Store, and Amazon.

These databases can be used to tap into further related search terms that your search engine’s rivals may not be mindful of.

5. SEMrush FREE TRIALOpens in a new tab.

Being experts in their own discipline, SEMrush can be described as a one-stop-shop having an outstanding keyword research application offering plenty of innovative features.

PPC and SEO analysis

Make it a point to look for keywords that perform nicely on Google plus Bing. Collect exhaustive info, which includes volume, CPC, trend, advertisement copies, and several outcomes.

Discover associated phrase matches and keywords

Make use of the Full Search Report for coming across appropriate alternate search inquiries for alternative targeting or latent semantic indexing.

Moreover, SEMrush evaluates the most popular keywords that you will find on the top hundred domains for a specific search phrase on Bing and Google. All these associated keywords include synonyms plus other recommended variants.

Investigate long-tail key phrases

Please make the most of their collection of low-volume key phrases should you be searching for fewer competitors. All keywords having a search volume of a minimum of 10 queries each year are collected by SEMrush.

Make use of regional directories for global SEO

SEMrush aids you in adapting key phrases to different worldwide locations by providing more than 140 local keyword directories.

Competitive Analysis

It is feasible to obtain the keywords that your rivals aim for and calculate the significance of these key phrases depending on several web performance symptoms.

SEMrush furthermore allows you to dig into the landing pages of your rival for brainstorming your personal content marketing.

Please make use of their Organic Competitors Report and Competitive Research Toolkit for comprehending the strongest and weakest points of the SEO strategies of your immediate rivals.

Please do not hesitate to comment below if you know of any other awesome SEO tools for startup companies.

Let us try to test SEMRUSH here right now, for free. Please enter any URL :

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