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In this article, we will present a few excellent videos about SAP Ariba Integration.

SAP Ariba Cloud Integration Gateway is available to facilitate transactions between buyers and suppliers on Ariba Network and integrate SAP Ariba cloud applications.

Choosing the correct SAP Ariba integration option with SAP ECC widely depends on the ECC’s present position, which may need an up-gradation to meet Ariba’s integration requirements.

How do suppliers typically use the SAP Ariba cloud integration gateway?

Usually, suppliers use the SAP Ariba cloud integration, a HANA-powered, cloud-based.
SAP Ariba is generally a HANA-powered, cloud-based, end-to-end procurement network that connects the goods ‘or services’ suppliers with buyers to ensure a seamless procurement process.

Ariba integration with SAPs 4hana video is below:

Before coming to the three ECC-Ariba integration options, companies need to have one of the following four SAP ECC landscapes in place for both SAP systems – ECC and Ariba – to transfer procurement relate data between them:

1) Web Service Based connectivity without middleware(Direct)
2) Web Service based connectivity with SAP HANA Cloud Integration(HCI)
3) Web Service based connectivity with SAP Process Orchestration(SAP PO)
4) IDOC – Based(intermediate document-based) connectivity with SAP PO.

In this video below, you can learn more about SAP Ariba supply chain collaboration integration and configuration guide:

The ECC system needs to be on version 6.0, support package stack 15 or higher, and SAP Ariba on version 1.0 SP5, while SAP NetWeaver should be on Process Integration(PI) 7.3 or higher.

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