How to Afford Full Time RVing? – Cost of Full Time RVing!

Everyone wants to have a life free of worries and tensions and even stresses, but choosing this life sometimes becomes your difficult decision. This has to be perfectly planned before you take this into real consideration.

What is RVing?

Rving is a lifestyle choice where people and whole families use a recreational vehicle, an RV, as a motor home. RV is a motor vehicle or trailer which includes living quarters designed for accommodation. Living in a travel trailer full time represents a drastic change in life.

Planning and making your expenses just according to your traveling is something on a small level. Still, if you are thinking about going on a full-time journey on RV, you really have to take your expenses on a serious level.

So let us start from here that you have decided to go on full-time travel, but for this, you need an RV, which is the first thing you are going to buy. I have met many people who actually did never know that buying an RV could be their worst decision. No! no! actually, buying a new RV could be your regretful decision.

There is always second hand, or you can say “used” RVs, which are available at a lesser price (affordable) price than the new one. By availing of this thing, you can actually save thousands of your dollars.

Which will help you in your expenditure that you are going to face in your full-time Rv traveling. Now, what is the thing that really comes first to mind?

Is RVing safe?

RVing is a safe lifestyle if you set camp inside RV parks, national parks. Avoid RVing in remote areas where you cannot get help in case something happens.

How to Afford Full-Time RVing?

To afford full-time RVing, you need to:

    • Invest in Camping Clubs using camping clubs and memberships
    • Learn to Boondock – camping for free
    • Save money on food, use ALDI and coupon apps such as Instacart
    • Traveling slowly will reduce your monthly fuel costs.
    • Find free WiFi
    • Use solar panels

See RVing under $1000 per month:

Where can you find the best-used RV at affordable prices?

This is obviously your concern if you have planned to buy a used RV (a second-hand RV). I was reading someone’s blog about their experience of buying a used RV and their journey from buying an RV to their full-time travel.

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Actually, this was an awesome and lesson-giving story, where a couple had decided to go on a full-time journey, but spending on their travel was something that they were not completely aware of.

As explained and trusted by them and many other people, a website called NRVIA operates in this dimension. It acts as a third party, or, you can say as an RV inspector.

Now, what is their role in your journey of buying an RV?

Actually, there is a huge mess that when you buy a used RV at an affordable price, that on the shallow node looks perfect, but you would have no idea what hidden issue that RV has until you use it for some time, and that could start messing anywhere in woods where you may not have any help.

So the third party (inspector) inspects your RV completely; you call contact NRVIA directly. Their complete details are being provided on their web page.

Cost of Full Time RVing

Based on research, the average cost of full-time RVing is between $2500 and $3000 per month. The cost can be reduced to $2000 per month without health costs, business expenses, and paying taxes. However, there are frugal people who spend about $1000 per month.

For making your budget, first categorize your expenses like Food, RV, RV insurance, RV oil, fuel, etc.

By doing this, you will have a complete idea of how much you have to spend and how much you can save this month. So for the RV expenses, there should be a separate money box /saving box.

If you have not estimated the things right, you might be in drowning water. It is how that couple has estimated their budget without asking any experienced person or expert, and at the end of the year, this is what their budget was….. $43,486.

Estimated Vs. Actual Budget

Eating Out

Estimated: $50 vs. Actual: $125 ($75 over budget)


Estimated: $250 vs. Actual: $283 ($33 over budget)

Cell Phones and Internet

Estimated: $175 vs. Actual: $248 ($73 over budget)

Health Insurance

Estimated: $150 vs. Actual: $14 ($136 under budget)


Estimated: $150 vs. Actual: $378 ($228 over budget)

Diesel, Propane & DEF

Estimated: $200 vs. Actual: $459 ($259 over budget)

Oil Changes and Other RV Items

Estimated: $50 vs. Actual: $81 ($31 over budget)

RV Insurance

Estimated: $100 vs. Actual: $172 ($72 over budget)

RV Payment

Estimated: $712 vs. Actual: $689 ($23 under budget)

This is a summary of what they have expected and estimated and their actual expenses.

Long Journey:

RVing full-time has never been a decision they have been or maybe anyone has been regretful about. This is an adventurous chance that people got such courage to leave their jobs and start traveling and earning as freelancers.

People got to learn so much while traveling, regarding cultures, living areas, people, different lifestyles, etc. If you plan to go on a long-term or full-time RVing journey, it is better to ask for the experts’ advice over your budget and expenses.

It is always a relief to have a small cushion budget left for saving or for any emergency. Save first and then do planning for the full time traveling.


How to make money while RVing full time?

To make money while RVing full time, you can do the following:

  • Amazon Camperforce
  • Amazon FBA Business
  • Amazon seller, Blogger
  • Blogger / Content marketer, Web/software developer
  • Carnival & circus work
  • Essential Oils Marketer
  • Freelance (insert your skill here)
  • Freelance Writer (reporter, blog post for hire, technical writing, business writing, editing)
  • Get paid to take online surveys.
  • Graphic Designer
  • Lettering artist, Digital designer, Drop shipper, Blogger.
  • Life coach, Speaker, Blogger, Virtual Assistant, Copywriter
  • Medical Coding
  • Mobile RV Mechanic
  • Mobile RV mechanic
  • Musician, Amazon seller, Etsy seller, Guest blogger, Podcast producer, Pinterest consultant
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Online Fitness Coach
  • Online English Teacher
  • Online music teacher, Performing musician & Theater artist, Workcamper, Blogger, Freelance writer, Virtual assistant.
  • Remote business intelligence developer, National park mechanic
  • Remote corporate employee, Freelance writer, Public speaker, Author, Blogger, YouTuber, Podcaster
  • Remote government contractor (Jessica), Aircraft Dispatcher (Robert), Blogger, YouTuber
  • Remote work specialist, Career Coach, Speaker, Blogger
  • Run an Etsy Shop
  • RV Renovator
  • Seasonal bartender/server in a touristy area
  • Seasonal retail worker
  • Sell goods at festivals, fairs, and RV shows.
  • Telehealth doctor, nurse practitioner, or mental health clinician.
  • Traveling Medical Professional
  • Traveling salesman
  • Video Editor
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual marketing business owner, Travel blogger
  • Web Designer
  • Workamping Expert, Blogger
  • Workcamper, Social media virtual assistant, Freelance writer


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