How to Remove Search Quick from Chrome?

QuickSearch is an advertising program and usually represents the browser extension such as Google Chrome, Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. QuickSearch or Search Quick program starts to display banner ads, coupons, pop-ups, and unwanted promotional products.

How to remove QuickSearch trojans from your computer?

To remove QuickSearch from Windows 10, you need:

  • Click on the Start button and choose Settings at the top.
  • Click on App & features on the left menu.
  • On the right side, locate QuickSearch and choose Uninstall option.

Now let us remove this program from the browsers:

How to Remove Search Quick from Chrome?

To remove QuickSearch from Chrome, you need to:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Push Alt + F.
  • Click Tools.
  • Choose Extensions.
  • Find QuickSearch.
  • Click the trash can icon to remove it

Similarly, we can remove unwanted extension from Mozzila too:

How to Remove Search Quick from Mozzila Firefox?

To remove QuickSearch from Mozzila, you need to:

  • Open Firefox.
  • Press Shift + Ctrl + A.
  • Choose QuickSearch extension.
  • Click Disable or Remove button.



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