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Regal Cinemas represents an American movie theater chain from Knoxville, Tennessee. Regal operates as the second-largest theater chain in the United States. Regal cinema has more than 7,300 screens in 550 theaters. The three theatre brands operated by Regal are Regal Cinemas, Edwards Theatres, and United Artists Theatres.

What does regal mean?

Regal means something impressive or beautiful that is suitable for a king or queen. In other words, regal is a synonym for royal, majestic, noble, kingly, or queenly.

How much are regal movie tickets?

The average regal movie ticket costs $15 for adults and usually the price is between $13 to $17. However, children below 11 years old and seniors above 60 pay from $10 to $13 for regal movie tickets. Additionally, students have a 15% discount at the Regal cinema.

When Do Movies Go to the Dollar Theater?

Movies go to the dollar theater in the summer, usually from the end of May up to September 1. Regal dollar movies you can watch for only $1 with your family on Tuesdays and Wednesdays all summer long. Dollar movie theater increase number of visitors during summer season.
regal dollar movie theater

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