7 Amazing Public Work Spaces to Work Outside Your Home!

With evolving times we see that many individuals are working remotely following the concepts of work from home or work from anywhere. But, working remotely could become a challenge for many. As much as the thought stands liberating, the execution of the same could be a daunting task. Sometimes we all need a change of space, to detach ourselves from monotony, our work with a new view, a new environment leading to better productivity.

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Working remotely can act as a hurdle because being in the same place for long working hours can lead to bad posture, mind block, and even makes us develop a lazy and tired attitude towards our work. To effectively battle the same, in this article, we are going to talk about 7 Amazing public workspaces ranging from libraries to internet cafes to botanical gardens, where you can work remotely with a fresher mind and brighter perspective.

1. Local Public Libraries

When we work remotely, it is essential to find places that are quiet, distraction-free, and suitable for work. We first talk about local public libraries. The great thing about this open workspace is that it offers a quiet, calm, and focused environment. Furthermore, you stay at an advantage in this space as here you can find plenty of resources suitable for your office requirements such as WiFi Services, research computers along with printing services as well. So, all in this place is a total fetch! And all that is left is to go and work!

2. Internet Cafes Near You

We know, who talks about internet cafes anymore, right? Well, we do. And we have a solid reason to back our opinion. The reason why internet cafe could be your next best remote working space is that it is nearby, inexpensive, and probably with a much lesser crowd than that of a coffee shop. If you think that you can simply get free internet service in your nearby Starbucks, so what is the need to go to an internet cafe, then let us clear your doubt. Any coffee or small eatery shop nearby is not going to be much of a suitable because your work is likely to get interrupted with noise, crowd, and the social environment, which is not very ideal for a focused work routine. Therefore, when you want to break free? Hit that internet cafe and work in all glory.

3.Hotel Lobby

Okay, before you freak out, let us clarify what we mean by the hotel lobby. We certainly do not mean the area near the front desk or say the reception of the hotel. We instead are talking about the open lobby/bar area, which offers a little seating and is free for the public. Furthermore, if you feel hesitant to sit and work there, you can simply pay for a drink and continue to work guilt-free. Try going to this working space sometime in the morning as at this time the place is less crowded, with most of the staff out for patrolling, giving you a decent time and space to work with a new view. Also, this can be a good alternative for a coworking space.

4. Museums

Ah! The beauty of accomplishing work goals while enjoying the historic beauty feels beautiful, right? That is why we bring to you one of the most amazing places to enjoy a memorable work routine. Museums are such a treat to eyes, and thanks to technology, now we even get a fantastic opportunity to use public WiFi at such establishments. But hey! Beware! Public WiFi Connections are generally less secured, and so be cautious while sharing your data over that network, as someone might use it for ulterior motives. Museums are a great alternative because in case you feel tired and bored with the work right in front of you, then you can stand up, take a stroll around and capture your dignified presence in that place, empowering yourself to work better and with a refreshed mind.

5.Botanical Garden

Botanical Gardens are a fantastic place to be. Just imagine working under the shade of pine trees, with the cold breeze blowing, working in such an environment is going to be a bliss. Although you will not be able to find the public WiFi in a garden, still, this stands an optimal place to slow-down, bask in nature and, bring out your most creative version.

Also, it is a suitable place to be in case you want to do some manual creative tasks like taking notes, drawing, writing a piece, or such. In such cases, it is going to be perfect and even for some casual meetings too.

6. Grocery Store Cafe

Yes, we know that the grocery store is not on your list of places to work remotely, but trust us; you will not be disappointed. We are talking about those cafes and small eateries that you can find inside supermarkets and grocery stores. These cafes are equipped with chairs, WiFi, and food, making them a good option for you to go and do your work.

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So, in case you were already planning to hit the market, then consider taking some grace time so you can sit and work, while sipping your freshly brewed coffee. By doing this, you will have a chance to struck off some tasks out of your worklist without having to roam here and there in search of the perfect spot.

7. Local University

Local universities and nearby colleges are a good option for working remotely. The ergonomics of such a place is suitable for study and work schedules. You will get a vibe of seriousness, discipline, and peace, enabling you to work with utmost dedication and concentration. You can use this space for researching, reading, and evening designing new projects. Also, since there is furniture available, you may bring your clients along for a casual meeting.

You may face some problems trying to access the internet because it would require you to show a student ID. Still, if the university offers some programs to the public, you can try signing up for one, as this will give you enhanced access to the resources of the university.

So these were our list specially curated for you. We have presented you with many options. Your job is to select the ones as per your need. Every place listed comes with its own set of features, so do comparative analysis and find out the best one for you.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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