How to Run PowerCLI Script?

What is VMware PowerCLI?

VMware PowerCLI represents a command-line scripting tool that consists of PowerShell modules to manage a wide range of VMware products. PowerCLI can automate vSphere such as network, storage, etc.

How to run PowerCLI script?

To run the PowerCLI script do the following steps:

  • Click on the PowerCLI icon using the right mouse button and “Run as Administrator” PowerCLI.
  • Type “Connect-VI ” to connect to the VMware center.
  • Type “Get-VM” to see Inventory
  • Copy and paste the PowerCLI script example.ps1 in the PowerCli console
  • Write script name and press enter.

Why is it an excellent component?

1. It is generally given vSphere 6.0. 

2. It is exhibited to be an unbelievable component that offers a couple of new decisions to make the vSphere condition deftly reasonable. 


Notwithstanding, besides its central focuses, there is one downside in like manner which consolidates: 

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