What is a Network Interface Card? Pros and Cons!

What is a network interface card?

Network Interface Card (NIC) or Ethernet card or network adapter represents a hardware unit that connects the computer to a  network. A network interface card enables a device to network with other devices. This card plugs into the computer system and allows the computer to send and receive signals on a network.

In today’s era, numerous computers have the potential to support dual network cards. Multiple computers can be connected through two network cards.

In most cases, Software developers require access to a separate test environment and a development environment.

When a computer has two network connections, it allows the software developers to use dual networks using one computer.

In the absence of this technology, software developers need to use two independent computers for each task.

How Network Interface Card works video:

Did you know that majority of the large corporations use discreet training software?

Such applications are maintained on a training network.

Computers having two network cards can access both training and production networks. The entire configuration helps the organizations to cut back the cost and save money.

Network interface card Pros and Cons


Network interface card Pros

  • Two network cards can connect to two completely independent networks simultaneously.
  • It enables a single machine to increase productivity and work in two separate environments.


Network interface card Cons

  • One of the major cons of having dual network cards is low security.
  • Sharing networks on one computer is vulnerable because it can be used as a virus propagation device.
  • Hackers can break into a computer with dual cards and send malicious software onto multiple networks.


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Due to data exposure and cyberspace infiltration issues, businesses that require secret network environments will never allow dual network cards on a single computer.

Despite security concerns, few companies have shifted to using dual network cards to manage overall network performance.

In such a configuration, one network is connected to a slower capacity server, and the other one is connected to a high-bandwidth server.



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