Stones That Attract Money – Which stone brings wealth?

The best crystals for attracting money
A common saying goes that money doesn’t grow on trees. True, but the booming concept of crystals has made it really exciting to imagine that gaining abundance is just a roll of stone away. Crystals are said to help with a person’s personal needs and help them establish personal boundaries. But to attract and retain money, wealth, and abundance in life, one should develop an abundant mindset to deal with the same. In fact, in the words of Yulia Van Doren( Founder: Goldilocks and Author of CRYSTALS: The modern guide to crystal healing), it’s important to note that crystal does not have all the power, but you do!

In this article, we would be talking about different types of crystals that can attract abundance. This would also be done by clearly describing the crystals and then taking up its views from 3 wellness gurus. Therefore, along with the crystal’s name, you will learn about its attributes and why the experts recommend it. Now that the structure is off the table let us dive right into the article.

1.Pyrite – crystals for money manifestation

Attributes: Beautiful crystal growing in perfect shiny golden squares.One of the best crystals to attract money.

Qualities: This is believed to be a symbol of Good Luck, due to which it is also referred to as “fool’s gold.”

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Yulia: This indeed is the abundance stone, and I call it a get-it-done stone. There are several places where you can keep this, such as on or around your cash register; you can keep one on your workstation also, and then will you will actually see it working its charm.

Coleen: This crystal is said to be a “high-manifester.” To get optimum results, use it in synchronization with your other stones for money.

Leah: This is such a beautiful crystal designed by nature to attract abundance, prosperity, and wealth. Also, it symbolizes good luck, fortune, and prosperity. It has worked wonders for me, as now I feel I can attract any abundance in my life and lead a happy life.

2. Citrine – most powerful stone to attract money

Attributes:  Crystal coming up in several shares of yellow hue

Qualities: This is believed to be a symbol of personal power and monetary abundance.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Yulia: The third chakra of our bodies, namely as the solar plexus resonates with the yellow color. So, whenever you are meditating on your third chakra, you can use this abundance-money stone to attract money.

Coleen: Much of the crystals that we buy are a kind of constituent of amethyst. Upon heating this stone, the color changes to bright orange. Also, it is said that color therapy is a part of this crystal healing, and therefore bright orange-colored citrine stands different than normal amethyst.

Citrine is similar to pyrite in terms of attracting wealth and abundance. Pyrite is a heavy stone, while citrines are light and fuzzy happy stone. It is great for confidence and super sync with your solar plexus, the third chakra in the human body. This abundance stone depicts the notion of stay happy and wealthy and shall abundance will follow.

Let us discuss some more stone now, shall we?

3. Green jade, Green Moss Agate, and Green Aventurine – crystals for good luck and prosperity

Attributes: These stones are present in different hues of green color, ranging from translucent to opaque in visibility levels.

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Qualities: This is believed to be a symbol of money stones in varied cultures.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Coleen: Green Jade usually gets worn on by embedding it in a piece of jewelry. The most common way of keeping stones is by wearing them as a part of your jewelry. I would recommend wearing green jade as jewelry over other stones to boost abundance and power.

4. Clear Quartz

Attributes: This is a pretty crystal that is generally translucent in appearance, although some parts may be visible as much denser and white in color.

Qualities: This is centric to provide clarity and works superbly in sync with all the human body’s chakras.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Coleen: This is an all-time neutral stone. Like in the fashion world, we have our perfect pair of black skinny jeans that you can pull off with any top; this is the all-time neutral stone that works a miracle with all the chakras aligned. Also, in an amplifier in itself, whatever form of abundance you will meditate on will radiate fourfold and deliver you results.

5. Rose Quartz

Attributes: Beautiful crystal growing pretty rose pink shades.

Qualities: This is believed to be a symbol of love, belongingness, and compassion in one’s life.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Leah: This stone helps a ton bring down our internal emotional walls that many of us have surrounded ourselves with to save us from further potential hurt. Rose Quartz symbolizes values such as compassion, self-love, and personal growth, enabling us to prevent blocking of the good things in life, embrace life as it is, and keep moving forward with love in our hearts.

6. Selenite

Attributes: This is a translucent, white semi-opaque crystal that is found within the sticker sheets.

Qualities: This is believed to be an energy cleanser crystal. It wards off the negative energy and surrounds us with a positive one.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Yulia: This stone is a great force to keep things in motion and keep going. This is used to clear the energies off other stones, you, and your surroundings. So practically, everything! This is basically like a space allocator, which means that this crystal radiates clear space, makes room for other good things to come and flow in your life. The more space you will make in life, the more abundance will come and establish itself in your life.

7. Emerald and Ruby Tumbled Stone

Attributes: Emerald is beautiful green stones, while ruby tumbled stones are much opaque than their crystalline versions.

Qualities: Emerald is symbolic of promoting an unconditional form of love, while ruby boosts and signifies vitality, confidence, and power.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Yulia: There is something beautiful about finding Emerald and Rubies around in your surrounding. These pretty stones make one feels abundant. And when you feel abundant, the law of attraction works up to its magic, making you abundant and fulfilled in your life. Also, you can practice abundance as an exercise. For this, lie on your back and place emerald on your heart center and ruby under your spine. This is a beautiful technique of opening yourself up to whole-hearted abundance in your life.

8. Amazonite

Attributes: These are bright-colored blue/green stones

Qualities: This is believed to be a symbol of heart chakra stone.

What Do Experts Say About it! 

Amazonite is the truth and calm radiating stone used to boost creativity, enhance balance, calmness, and internal stability of all the chakras in the body. This is suggested for people who need to connect with their audience or viewers, especially those in some creative field such as actors, painters, and such.

Meditating on this stone will bring serenity to life. This is also said to bring happiness and love.

So, that was our 8 amazing money abundance stone that you can integrate into your life and reap better results, prosperity crystals, and gemstones. Make a note that a shift in mindset is definitely required in these crystal processes, as when you think good and believe in it with your heart, good things indeed start to come in life.


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