How to Do Good Things for Others? – Things that Represent Kindness

Give light and people will find the way!

I heard of this fact a long time ago, and this statement has carved significance on my heart that life is not, as usual, all time, and I think whenever I fall, I think of this statement that it’s true, when we all knew that we cannot and will never live a life that is constant and stable.

How to Do Good Things for Others?

To do good things for others, you need to find in your heart warm feelings, try to feel wonderful when you give love, presents, time. People need to learn to give without counter-service, no benefit from giving.

When people want to do something nice for someone, some kind things to do for family or friends, they need to do it without hesitation, with a warm heart, not to return the favor. Doing kind things for others we need to do that because we feel wonderful when we give.

We need to learn how to walk, and our parents’ guide us by taking our hands and walk with us.

After we learn how to speak, we go to school, we need a human to teach us, and humans are called teachers.

When we reach the age of marriage, then we need a human to partner with. And get married to them. Then, after we get old and die, at that time, in that situation, there too we need humans to bury us.

This is the life process from the start of human beings; this process has never been changed for anyone. You can neglect the mid-process. It is totally up to you whether you want to get married or not. Maybe you are born an orphan. Changes are there for everyone. Everyone’s life is not the same, but this scenario is that we all need human beings to help one way or another. Maybe you never had the chance to go to school to get an education from a teacher, but what you learned on your own is also written by some human beings.

Maybe when you were born, you did not get to see your parents, but life goes on, and you start meeting other people.

People are good and bad; it is our fate whom we met to experience in our life. And when you got enough experience to judge people who are good for you and who are not, then fate is in your hand.

Then you choose whom you want to shake hands with. But still, you have to be with someone you cannot spend your whole life alone, without any help or need.

Since this is the ground reality, then why is there no acceptance in this world? Why do we not accept black people? Why not accept the differences of others? Why not accept mistakes in ourselves?

This world, this society needs acceptance from each other. We need us. We need a little bit of less harsh attitudes towards each other since we cannot live alone then why not accept the reality of this society.

Showing a small gesture of kindness is all it takes to initiate forwards to a peaceful world. There is a famous saying that: Charity begins at home. Similarly, the act of kindness starts with the person who is near or close to you, and in other words, it starts with your family.


Things that represent kindness

Kind things to do are:

  • 1- Smile and say hello to everyone you cross paths with

 A smile is the cheapest and a precious gift to give to anyone. It does not bound you to give it to only your fellows; it also can make the day of strangers.

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It has a deep power to act on someone’s heart. It does not mean anything big but can do wonders sometimes when it is needed the most. Smile more often to yourself when you see in a mirror, and more often, you see your parents and then walk around your house.

  • 2- Hold the door open for someone.

Especially when someone around you is holding something and trying to pass the door, then hold the hold for him or her, it will be a great help to them though it looks quite small, but the one who needs it will sense your kind attitude and try to response you back with the same gesture.

  • 3- Donations start at home.

Donate every month, that stuff that does not remain of any value to you. It would help if you used your stuff with even little care to be used again when you donate.

Donate the winter clothes you have worn once or twice; it will help many homeless people and barely have anything warm to wear. Your shoes, umbrellas, coats, caps, and gloves can be someone else’s need in winter. And try to donate them to those who stay near you may be in front of your house, or maybe your neighbor needs the stuff too.

  • 4- Donate your blood.

Thousands of people need blood daily, but very few people are donors; those who have an O+ blood group should donate their blood more often because this blood group is the universal donor. In addition, other blood groups can take blood from this group. This can save someone’s life, which is very precious. Maybe one day we need them too.

  • 5- Use a trash bag outside the house.

When you go out, try not to throw your garbage anywhere, but you can use your own garbage bag if you do not find any bin or dumping area.

It will allow our environment to breathe easily. When you do this thing, many people around you will get the message from it.

  • 6-Tell your parents that you love them

The real rightful of your love is your parents, who made sacrifices to grow and educate better than others. Although maybe they are far away from us, or maybe they are sleeping in the room beside yours, take a moment and tell them that you love them. And you are thankful for all that they did for you.

  • 7- Give up on your seat to someone else who needs it most. 

While traveling we often use the public tram, nearly thousands of people use public transport daily to reach their office, some might be in a hurry or some might be sick or weak. When using public transport, it is quite impossible to get a seat every time you get on the tram.

But still, if you got one, many need that seat more than you. So it is quite okay to give up on the seat for them. Maybe one day, we might be in their place in their situation, and someone else gives up their seat for us.

  • 8- let the elevator stop for others

Hold the elevator when you see someone coming from quite a distance. It will implant a great kind gesture in their hearts.

  • 9- Babysit someone’s children for free.

When you try to help others in this matter, they will probably not trust you, but you can still take one try to manage and show your honesty by taking a chance and babysit their kids without any charges. Not every kind of work needs payment; something’s a trade-off with feelings.

  • 10- pet an animal

Take a stray cat and shelter it, vaccine it, and make it your pet. It won’t cost you anything, but I will love you more dearly. So many stray animals need shelter, and they need us and love; if we take one animal each, there will be no more stray animals in the streets.

  • 11- Carry someone’s groceries

While walking on a road, if you see someone carrying groceries and it seems heavy them give them a helping hand and ask to carry their bags. Many others will do the same to others by looking at you, and this circle will get bigger and bigger.

  • 12- Stop spreading gossips about others.

Try not to gossip around when you are in a gathering, and if you see someone is saying bad behind others or gossiping, then try to cut off their talk and say nice things about others so that they can get the feeling that they were doing wrong, so next time they won’t do this again.

  • 14- Attend new neighbors with a welcoming gift

when you see that your front house is taking its new owners or residents, make something or cook something and take out time and spot them.

  • 15- Give tips to waiters when going for dinners

Whenever you go out for dinners or parties and any meeting, try to give more tips to your attending waiters. It might be an ordinary thing, but it could help many helpless people who might need money and are relying on less weekly income.

  • 17- Share your food with your working staff and colleagues.

It is a daily meeting area where you have to see your colleagues and staff daily; you know who has easy days and who does not, so cook food for them and ask them to eat with you. You can use any excuse to ask them, for example, you can say that you bring something new that you cook the first time and let them have a try.

By doing this, they will not feel any awkward and weird type of change in you, and they won’t even feel down or ashamed that you are trying to help them. But I will be happy if you keep on doing this.

  • 18- Wedding or a party at your home.

It is a big chance to help more people at once; this is the one for all chance if you get married or throw a party, then try to serve food for all poor kids or orphans. You can donate your money on food to the refugees. And share your happiness with them.

  • 19- Buy a grocery bag full of essentials for someone.

When you get any bonus or some extra money, you can also try to buy some extra groceries alongside yours, make them, and give them to homeless people on a nearby road.

If you feel your neighbors do not have a good time, you can anonymously leave the grocery bag in front of their door.

  • 20- Give god compliments to others more often.

Try to compliment others even if you do not know them, tell them that they look pretty today or have pretty eyes, or their day will ever be successful.

  • 21- Suggest jobs to help others find a job

if your friend or someone you know is jobless, then make their profile on jobseeker websites; there are many of them, and put their email to get notifications. And do not tell them; they will start having notifications of job vacancies.

  • 22- Call your loved ones without anything important to talk about.

Call your Mates, Fellows, parents, or anyone important to you anytime without anything important to share, ask them how their days were, etc. It will make them feel supported.

  • 23- Forgive everyone.

Forgive everyone you know that they have wronged you. Make others feel satisfied and relaxed.

  • 24- If it’s raining unexpectedly, help others with your umbrella.

Rainy day and you have an umbrella, then share it with someone who does not have it. Try to help those in old age or are senior to you; if they need an umbrella, take yours to them.

  • 25- Encourage strugglers and patients.

Pay a visit to hospitals, especially in children’s wards, to make their day and take balloons and sweets to have some motivation and strength in them.

  • 26- Plan a vacation for someone you love

Take a whole week’s leave and plan vacations to somewhere you and your loved ones want to go. Take your parents if you are not married. This will help you to make them realize how much you love them. The bond of love gets stronger. Bring your friends too so that you can have a great time.

Time is the best thing you can give to your loved ones.

  • 27- Check-in on neighbors when it’s very cold or cold outside

If you live beside someone old, try to give them a visit once or twice a week and ask them whether they are okay or need anything.

  • 28- Help someone who has problems with bullies

Bullying is the worst thing, kids teens; even adults have to face this too; if you see a group of people is bullying someone, try to defend them and help them. This will spread the realization to others that they need to stop.

  • 29- Invite a dear person who is feeling lonely over for the holidays.

Feeling lonely is a very dangerous feeling globally; someone might need us but does not dare to tell us about their burden. So they get deeper and deeper in the stress, and that stress becomes depression. This depression can lead them to suicide.

Depression does not see the criteria; one person might be rich or poor before falling into this trap. So over here, we need to understand that people need each other’s support no matter who you are and what relation you have with them. They need someone to talk to, someone to rely on, someone to cry on their shoulders.

There is no big issue if we ask others problems, listen to them, forget after the day, and never share their feelings.

  • 30- Sponsor a family

If you are well off and can easily sponsor someone else, then try to sponsor those having someone in hospitals with patients in their home and need money. You can save a life.


There are thousands of acts of kindness you can use for others to show your honesty and love, but this all takes to heart. If we all feel this and take the act of kindness into our responsibility, we will never hurt others. This is something we all have to understand.

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