Kids Catalogue Modelling – How to Get Your Kid Into Modeling?

Catalog modeling counts among the most flourishing sectors of the entire modeling industry. Catalog models, also known as commercial models, always stay in high demand as companies and brands constantly seek young and new faces to promote their clothing products and accessories. If your kid is extroverted, photogenic, and loves taking photos, catalog modeling is probably the best path for them.

I will always avoid my kid going into the modeling business. But, my personal opinion is not the theme of this article.

How to Get Your Kid Into Child catalog modeling?

To get your kid in child catalog modeling, your goal is to enable your child to either work with modeling agencies or participate in contests hosted by reputed clothing lines. Generally, you will have to send a few good photographs of your kid for participation. Whichever way you may pick, patience and persistence are essential for your kid’s modeling career’s ultimate success.

How to Get Your Kid Into Modeling

It’s no secret that modeling is a glamorous and exciting industry to be part of. But if you’ve got a young child who you think has the looks, charisma, and potential to break into this world, you may wonder how to get them started. Here are some tips for getting your kid into modeling:

  • 1. Understand the Requirements – The first step in getting your child into modeling is understanding what it takes to make it in this field. Depending on age, height requirements, and other physical characteristics, most models must be between 5’7″ and 6’0″ tall and between 16-24 years old. However, these vary from agency to agency, so ensure you understand the specifics before getting your child signed up.
  • 2. Take Professional Photos – If you’re serious about making it in the modeling industry, professional photographs are essential for showcasing your child’s best features. Investing in quality photos will help ensure their portfolio looks polished and professional when presented to agencies or clients.
  • 3. Research Agencies – Not all agencies are created equal, so it’s important for parents looking to get their kids into modeling to research options carefully before signing up with any particular agency. Make sure they have a good reputation and experience working with kids; several online directories can help you locate reputable agencies near you.
  • 4. Build Up Their Portfolio – A strong portfolio is an essential part of any successful model’s career, so encouraging your kid to build one is crucial if they want to succeed in this field. Ask around at local fashion shows or events; networking opportunities like these could lead them toward chance encounters with photographers or agents who can help further their career prospects.
  • 5. Develop Confidence – It’s no surprise that confidence plays a vital role in helping aspiring models succeed; many talent scouts look for poise and attitude when considering potential new faces for their roster of stars. As such, helping your child gain confidence by practicing poses in front of mirrors before photoshoots and boosting their self-esteem through supportive words can go a long way toward helping them build a successful career in modeling!
  • 6. Take Good Care of Themselves – To ensure success in this competitive industry, it’s essential for both adults and children alike to take good care of themselves physically (eating healthy foods) as well as mentally (practicing positive affirmations). This means avoiding unhealthy habits like smoking or drinking alcohol, exercising regularly, and taking appropriate rest days throughout the week—all essential measures that can help keep them looking their best during auditions or photoshoots!
  • 7. Be Prepared For Rejection – Finally, remember that while rejection is inevitable at some point along the journey—it’s simply part of life—make sure that should such an unfortunate circumstance arise, they don’t give up on pursuing their dreams just yet! Even though setbacks may occur during this process, don’t forget that perseverance pays off eventually!

By following these simple steps above—from understanding the requirements for entry into the modeling industry through researching established agencies down to building portfolios with professional photographs—parents of would-be models can significantly increase their chances of success within this exciting field!

Glimpse through the following steps to make your child a catalog model:

Create a Portfolio

A portfolio is an excellent way to showcase your kid’s attributes that align with catalog modeling requirements. Getting your kid’s photographs in at least five distinct looks is advised, as displaying several outfits and toys in various poses. These can include close-ups, formal wear, swimwear, and casual wear. After that, you can buy a big portfolio book with clear-view flaps to put your kid’s photographs.

Search for Modelling Agencies

Explore a few agencies that work with child catalog models. The best way to find a modeling agency is through the advertising departments of clothing stores or magazines. Most of these departments hire models from agencies to save time on the screening process. In other words, modeling agencies are considered reliable enough to identify the talent that will suit clothing lines’ requirements. Some clothing brands rely entirely on one agency, which affirms the agency’s credibility and potential to provide good job opportunities.

Alternatively, you may consider letting your child work with two or more agencies. At the same time, ensure that these agencies direct your kid specifically toward catalog modeling.

Send Photographs

Once you have shortlisted a few modeling agencies, you need to send your kid’s photographs to them. These should ideally include one headshot and one full-body portrait photograph of your kid. You must also attach a resume that describes your child’s modeling experience and similar tasks that they may have done. If your kid doesn’t have any experience, you can list their hobbies, talents, or training classes that they have attended. At the top of the resume, details like your kid’s height, weight, age, clothing sizes, hair/eye color, and contact details must be given.

You can check the agencies’ websites to see what kind of photographs they prefer for more specific information. Also, you have to submit the pictures and resume by mail or email, as per their established system.

Attend Go-sees

Go-sees provide an excellent way to get your child’s talent recognized. Always be professional and punctual in attending your kid’s casting calls and auditions. Additionally, dress your kid most favorably. For instance, if you are going for a clothing brand’s go-see, dress your kid in the company’s latest outfit. Generally, the agents will set up suitable go-sees for your kid.

Participate in Modelling Contests

Look out for the popular modeling competitions and contests sponsored by reputed clothing lines. For example, The Gap organizes a casting call for kids nationwide every year. In this contest, the grand prize is won by the child who gets the maximum number of online votes. Further, the winner is offered a professional photo shoot, which finally makes way for a chance to be featured in clothing stores and advertisements nationwide. Similarly, The Children’s Place frequently runs several modeling contests.

Note: Be careful of the agents who demand an upfront fee.

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