Does Joanna Gaines Use Laminate Flooring?

Chip and Joanna Gaines are our celebrities in town as the stars of HGTV’s hit show “Fixer Upper.”They are founders of Magnolia company as well.
Joanna Gaines is the ultimate solution if you are looking for modern styling and elegant house structuring. She is an icon and pioneer of modern architecture who aims to satisfy her clients and provides affordable, sophisticated options. Along with her husband, Joanna surprised the world when they rolled out the news of her personal television show named Fixer Upper. They deal with real estate, renovation, restructuring, and altering a house’s features based on contemporary designs. Their main objective is to advise their clients regarding the pros and cons of rebuilding and reconstructing, what elements to choose, the precise measurements, artistic characteristics, and the kinds of floor to accommodate in their dream house.

Does Joanna Gaines use Laminate Flooring?

Joanna Gaines uses laminate flooring because it is an easy-to-install, attractive, and durable alternative to solid hardwood flooring. However, her approach is always that clients need to choose flooring design based on needs and taste.

The principal approach of Joanna Gaines is to work with her customers and get to the middle ground as a contractor. She notes down the clients’ requirements and essentials and then advises them regarding the valuable advantages and shortcomings of that approach. She discusses her methodology with the clients and guides the plan’s practicality and works with vision. She also uses laminate flooring for her clients because she believes that it is economical and tasteful. Along with her husband’s company, Joanna hosts a very famous television show in which the couple is expected to transform broken-down houses into a well-constructed fantasy palace. The two are equipped with well-versed knowledge and technical expertise as contractors but always put their clients’ choices before their preferences and follow it as a house-building trajectory. Joanna’s main philosophy is about embracing the current standing and the environment experienced, as she inculcates it in her attitude. Many clients prefer different flooring designs, but Joanna focuses on laminate flooring.

Laminate flooring involves an amalgamation of different layers of synthetic material through a lamination process. They are also categorized as economy flooring, hold the floor firmly, and are low-priced. They consist of particleboard wood-based layered by a transparent layer. They are popular and cover the bottom of living areas, kitchens, dining areas, and hallways subject to indefinite moisture. The laminated floors look like hardwood or stone flooring and are low maintenance. However, for sturdiness and durability, an extra layer is added, which resembles stone or hardwood. It is high-performing and low-maintenance hard flooring, which shields the floor and adds style and variety. According to Joanne, it is ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance choice and who want robustness. It has several advantages to offer which are as follows.

Laminate floors are reasonably priced.

Ther. E is an increased inclination towards laminated flooring because of its under-the-budget characteristic. It is composed of composite wood joined together at high temperatures, which is why it is considered affordable than natural timber, making it heavy on the pockets due to its luxurious and exotic look. They cost let hat hardwood flooring as the price can vary from $1.50 per sq. ft to $3 per sq. ft, including the underlayer adhesives’ adhesives’ price according to Joanna, smaller rooms require intensive hard work such as trimming the room consequently, renovating smaller rooms is costly and time-consuming. The lamination price also depends on whether it is a landing area or the staircase, therefore adding to the price tag as these areas require more resources, trimming, and repairs. Choosing darker colors to increase the budget and opting for light colors may push you to stay under the financial plan.

Laminated floors are Irrepressible and durable.

Laminate floor material ng material is hard-wearing along with the top layer of the bed, making the durability even sturdier. These floors are therefore the top choice for Joanna because of their reliability and long-term use. The top layer will be able to tolerate if you have kids or use the floor roughly. It can resist scratches or pet claws and bear more people on it. In addition, the floor can retain its original shape and quality if it is regularly assessed.

Laminated floors are easy to install

The laminate flooring can be accustomed to any floor level without tearing the existing one, therefore, curtailing expenditure and clutter. If owners cannot substitute the carpet, the laminated floors can be mounted without glue and a tongue and groove system. It can also be installed on wood plywood and vinyl flooring. Joanna believes a laminated floor is an exemplar option for any household as it does not require professional skill or expertise to begin the process. The planks can be combined, making the process of installation and uninstallation stress-free. The interlocks between the planks will protect the floor underneath and help retain its original texture.

Striking appearance

Laminated floors are functional and provide a beautiful finish to the entire room, making the place alluring. Moreover, many laminate flooring nowadays is equipped with special embossing to duplicate the appearance of texture and natural wood.

Laminated floors Low maintenance

The laminated floors are easier to keep clean as spills and marks can be easily removed with a soft microfiber cloth. Dust and dirt can be accumulated with a vacuum as well.

Along with a myriad of advantages, the laminated floor also offers drawbacks.

Unable to refinish

Timber flooring is mostly sanded back and sent for a complete remodeling of the flooring. However, this process cannot be done with the laminate floorinThethe laminate floor’s upper layer gives a feel of timber flooring, but it cannot be sanded down. If done so, it can entirely remove the photographic layer and harm the floorboard’s resilience and durability.


The wood planks and the materials used to laminate the floor are not soundproof. They tend to create resonating sounds when stepped on it, especially if the shoes have high heels making it a nuisance and inconvenience for the entire home.

Not Impervious

As the planks are made from wood, the floorboards are not water-resistant to water effects. Therefore it is a less functional choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and even laundries as it can damage the boards if water enters between the gaps. Water saturation must be avoided, but light droplets of water for cleaning purposes would not do any harm.

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It cannot be tailored.

The designs cannot be customized to fit an individual’s needs. This is because they are pre-manufactured by the companies and have little room for alterations or personifications.

A laminated floor is a suitable option for the appropriate styling of the house; that is whyJJoanna Gaines fancies the resale value of the house if the owners decide to sell it in the future. In addition, some buyers prefer laminated flooring to the carpeted ones as it makes the place modern and eco-friendly as less wood is consumed.

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