Integrated Database Example

Integrated database definition

The integrated database represents a collection of alphanumerical and picture data where the data are integrated and structured to be used for most needs in applications. Integrated databases combine data residing in multiple sources and provide users with a unified view under one structure. A series of semi-independent data tables gives rise to a database. 

Each table holds a category of information, typically with one focus per table. Links between individual tables are created depending on the aspects like elements, information, or programming logic.  Accessing all the categories of the table in the database helps to write queries and create reports. It is a complex task to connect multiple databases into the database and enable integration and hierarchical data presentation.

To establish connections between the different databases, trials and tribulations must be carried out from multifarious perspectives to ensure a sound logic.

Different categories of the database can also exist in other formats or programs.

Although this sounds complicated, it can be achieved using advanced programming logic and powerful resources.

Integrated Database Example

The most interesting integrated database example is the Building Information Modeling (BIM) database. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process that generates complete data on buildings that can be used for various calculations. BIM integrates data on geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, and building materials’ quantities and physical properties.

The main advantages of applying BIM technology are:

  •  improved productivity due to ease of access to the desired information
  • Improved visualization
  • Improved coordination of all documents related to the facility
  •  Data on specific materials and characteristics built into the base
  •  Increased efficiency
  •  Reduced costs

See BIM cloud-based integrated database in practical application:

Retail Integrated Database Example

Online stores deal with a lot of data, and thus, the integrated database helps stores manage inventory, labor hours, sales, and other crucial metrics.

See below video about integrated database example in retail industry:


Finance Integrated Database Example

Since banks and other financial institutions undergo fraudulence, an integrated database will enable AI to mine data for anomalies and outliers. Next, it will help to catch the fraud before it affects the customer.

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Below is an example video in Financial Industry with integrated Graph Databases:


Marketing Integrated Database Example

Since Marketing is heavily dependent upon consumer behavior and psychology, an integrated database helps create an organized, accurate, and up-to-date marketing plan.

Semantic Databases in Marketing:

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