Indie Style Definition

Evan, you work in an office or at home, you can often hear about Indie style dressing. So what is Indie Style?

Indie style or Independent Style, or individual style, is a dressing and styling pattern unique and handmade. It is especially for those who have a decent interest in handmade items rather than machines made from a factory. Often, people include unique and handmade accessories, clothes, and dresses in their indie collection, such as bright, colorful styles, usually involving oversized jeans, large hoodies, and small shirts.

Contrary to the orthodox Style of Ethnic Clothing, this Style aligns with the modern hipster style. The indie styling is more do it yourself stuff rather than customized fashion.

Often it is said that there are many other styles that somehow too qualify for Indie Style. Every accessory and clothing which you combine or customize on your own is Indie.
A pair of vintage Jeans combined with historically distant accessories or ethnic clothing is also an Indie Style. The boundaries defining the Indie style are blurred.

Indie clothing matches with hipster clothing in many aspects. Both styles use vintage accessories and apparel. It’s normal to get confused between the authentic Indie style and hipster clothing. The hipster style includes brands and store-bought clothes, which isn’t a preferred trend in Indie style clothing.

Indie styling generally has silk logos or patchy designs from indie bands and favorite icons. There are jackets and shirts derived from multiple origins. Even when the design varies from the selected one or is slightly inferior, it’s worn with elegance. Indie is a natural extension of one’s taste in styling.

Indie clothes are generally brought directly online from the designer. The intricacy and customization make Indie a more rugged style. The Indie itself represents independence, so it cuts out the middleman, the method is made more accessible and straightforward.

There has always been a controversy between the two great styles of, i.e., “Indie” and “Hipster.” Some people often refer to both the methods as the same. To clarify the difference between the two urban
dictionary came forward and helped the people know the fundamental differences between them.
According to it, Indie shares its boundary with the bohemian style because of its vintage collection from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. The indie style is symbolic of independence and free-spirit.

Hipster is often a more edgy style; most of the collection has a touch of black, red, and military-inspired clothing. Hipster styling is entirely different from the mainstream. The cool-rugged feel of hipster styling gives a non-conventional, out of the box look.

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