How to Increase Youtube Subscribers For Free?

Are you new to the world of YouTube?

And, you are wondering how to earn more subscribers?

Well, you have landed up at the right place.

Today, we are going to discuss how to get more YouTube Subscribers in 2020. Each of them is actionable, and you can apply them almost immediately.

Here is a list of the top 19 tips to get more subscribers on YouTube.

How to Increase Youtube Subscribers For Free?
Youtube channel owner can increase youtube subscribers and views using power playlist, publishing longer videos (more than 5 minutes),  promoting videos on the end screen,  creating channel tagline and compelling channel description,  using subscriber magnets. Paid promotion of youtube videos can not increase organic traffic. High-quality youtube videos that improve user experience can increase organic traffic and numbers of subscribers.

Here a detailed description of how to get a lot of subscribers to youtube channel:

1.Use Power Playlists:

On YouTube, Playlists are generally organized by Topics or Themes. It helps New Subscribers to navigate and find the right content for them easily.

There are numerous channels on Youtube.

How can you set your channel out of the crowd and hook your viewers?

It would help if you used a Power Playlist, which is like a regular Playlist but with a better format.

Instead of topics, Power Playlists are arranged by Outcomes.


How to build a website?

How to build Abs?

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How to get more views on YouTube?

Compelling titles that highlight the benefit makes people more likely to watch your Playlist and subscribe.



2. Publish Long Videos:

It has been proven time and again that Long Videos (10+ Minutes) rank better in YouTube’s Search Engine.

Keep your subscribers and viewers watching for longer with actionable, valuable, and engaging content.

As a result, higher Watch-Time Numbers will enable you to reach the 4000 Hours Watch Time, the benchmark to monetize your Video Content.

3. Promote Videos In Your End Screen:

If your viewers have access to videos, it is more likely that they will subscribe to your channel.

But, how do you get people to watch your Channel’s Videos?

It is simple.

Optimize your End Screens and promote other videos, thereby encouraging viewers to call for subscriptions.

Kindly note that you can add the End screen only to the last 5 to 20 seconds of a video. Moreover, your video has to be 25 Seconds long to have an End Screen.


4. Insert A Branding Watermark:

Branding Watermark is the most underrated Youtube Feature.

It enables Creators to add a Logo to all the videos on that channel. When a viewer clicks on it, the Branding Watermark lets them Subscribe to your channel. Adding this YouTube Feature can alone generate 70% more subscribers to your channel.

Amazing as it sounds.

Try it & let us know!

5. Quality over Quantity:

According to the new YouTube Algorithm, Quality always wins over Quantity.

If you want to grow exponentially on YouTube, you should focus on the same.

It is always better to have one precious Video than 20 average videos that are not at par.

6. Reply To Every Comment:

If you are not entertaining your audience’s comments, then you are committing a blunder.

Replying to every comment is the easiest way to receive more Subscribers.

Ask why?

Well, when you take the effort of replying to comments, you instantly stand out as most YouTubers never reply to comments.

Such a step creates a sense of connection between you and your Audience/ Subscribers.


7. Make sure to write a Compelling Channel Description:

If you are serious about your YouTube Career, make sure to write a compelling Channel Description to highlight your Channel.

Poorly written Channel Descriptions are a major turn off and can impact your Channel’s Growth Curve.

Keep in mind the following points:

  • Tell me what the channel is all about.
  • Important information like the Upload Schedule.
  • A strong call-to-action to subscribe to the channel.
  • Relevant Keywords in your Niche.

8. Funnel People to Subscriber Magnets:

Do you have any video on your Channel which have performed exceptionally well and has brought you the most number of subscribers?

Boom! This video is your Subscriber Magnet.

Why does it matter?

Your Subscriber Magnet Video is proven to generate Subscriptions.

Getting these videos to reach more people can garner you more subscribers.

Here’s a step-by-step process:

  • Feature that video on your End Screen.
  • Next, create a playlist that starts with that video.
  • Ultimately, promote that video in a card to add a touch of an interactive element.
  • You can also add your Subscriber Magnet as your channel trailer.

9. Use an Intriguing Channel Icon:

Since your Channel Icon is your identity and pops up everywhere on YouTube, you got to make it intriguing.

If you’re a personal brand, use a headshot.

On the other hand, if you’re a company, use its official Logo.


10. Create a Channel Tagline:

Create a chic Channel Tagline and strategically label your channel.

Identify the USP of your channel.

Next, put up the Tagline on your Channel Art.

Finally, prompt your tagline in your Channel Trailer and watch your viewers skyrocket within a quick span.


11. Heart Awesome Comments:

Highlight creative and appreciable content with Creator Hearts.

When a Creator hearts a comment, the commenter gets a notification and even an Email.

Now, according to YouTube’s Data, Heart notifications get 300% more clicks than average, potentially leading more viewers back to your channel.

Next time you see a Heart React, go ahead and drop a Heart React.


12. Make a Killer Channel Trailer:

Channel Trailer can bring you more YouTube subscribers.

Make it count!

So, what are the tactics which can make a Channel Trailer that converts?

Flag off with your tagline within the first 3-4 seconds of your Chanel’s Trailer.

Limit your trailer to 60 seconds or even less. Keep it crisp, concise, and creative.

Next, promote your best content.

Show off your best stuff in the middle of your trailer to give a sneak –peek of the type of content you publish.



13. Crush The Watch Time:

In YouTube Analytics, Watch Time or Audience Retention is immensely important to rank in YouTube’s Seach Engine.

Videos having High Watch Time often get promoted on the Homepage of YouTube and the Sidebar.

How do you exactly maximize Watch Time?

Utilize Pattern Interrupts to offer an element of surprise to your viewers, which hook them for an extended time.

Try to add simple yet attractive graphics to capture the attention of your audience.


14. Embed YouTube Videos In Blog Posts:

Do you have a Blog?


Leverage it and untap its true potential to garner Views and Subscribers on your YouTube Channel.

How can you do it?

Along with your text content, embed your YouTube Videos in your Blog to tactfully bring people on to your YouTube Channel.

Example: Suppose you have written a Blog about “Ways to Open a Locked Door.” Alongside this, you can embed your Channel’s Video showing the entire process.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you should definitely start one to apply this strategy.


15. End Videos With a Strong CTA

Always end your video with a strong Call-to-action  like:

  • Subscribe to my channel!
  • Comment your opinions.
  • Comment on what you guys want to see next?

Don’t be afraid to command people exactly what to do!


16.Mention Your Channel In E-books, Webinars, Presentations, and Lead Magnets:

Be aggressive with promotions.

Grab any opportunity you get to promote your YouTube Channel and funnel people like a magnet.

Be it E-Books, Webinars, Presentations, Podcasts, or any lead magnets, mentioning and promoting your Channel works like a charm.


17. Optimize Your Channel Page:

Never underestimate the power of an Optimized Channel.

An Optimized Channel can increase your subscribers by 2-6 times and make you look professional.

Also, organize your Channel’s Content and put your best content at the top.


18.The Social Media Preview:

Use this simple strategy and get insane views on Social Media.

At first, grab a 30-95 seconds clip from a recent Video from your YouTube Channel.

Thereafter,  upload that clip as Native Video Content.

Ultimately,  include a link to your video in the Comments Section.

Native Video  Posts receive 10x more views than posts that include YouTube Links.


19.Include a Subscribe Link in Your Channel Art:

Get subscribers on YouTube by adding an extra Subscribe Button there.

All you need to do is create a YouTube subscribe link and add it to your Channel Art links.

Do not forget to give your Link a compelling title.

Next, when a viewer clicks on the link, the Subscription prompt will pop up automatically.


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