How to transfer your WordPress blog to new domain ?

Very often, as a freelancer, I need to transfer WordPress blog. First, I design a blog on my server, then I add posts and content, and on the and I need to transfer the blog to a new domain. So how to transfer a blog from an old domain to a new domain?

Let we see :

Step 1: We have :

Old blog:
New location:

Copy all files from the old blog directory into your hard disk. Go to Phpmyadmin and export the full database to your hard disk. For example, wp1.sql is your exported file.

Step 2:
In this step, you need to copy all data from your hard disk to the new blog.

Step 3: Go to Cpanel (or site panel) of your new hosting and domain. Creta new database and new user and add all roles :
Create mysql database in Cpanel

Create mysql user from Cpanel

Step 4 :
Go to PhpMyAdmin of the new site and import the full wp1.sql file from the old site. Now you created a new database.

Step 5:
In this step, we will edit the wp-config.php file in the new WordPress blog files.
Add username and password and database name in wp_confip.php file
wp-config file edit

Now add in wp-config file this code below this details :
define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’);
define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘’);

Step 6 :
Now go to new blog and there log in into WordPress site. Afther login go to plugins section and install : Search and Replace plugin.

Search for:
replace with:

This plugin will replace all MySQL database words where you have your old blog name.

This is it. Your job is finish.

Please write your comment and ask for more help if you need it.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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