How to fix Jetpack glitch xml_rpc-32700 – solved

XML-rpc faultcode 32700

Jetpack is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. Several freelancers from our community had a problem (your Jetpack has a glitch, xml_rpc-32700). After installation, they got this message :

Your Jetpack has a glitch. Something went wrong that’s never supposed to happen. Guess you’re just lucky: xml_rpc-32700
Try connecting again.

Error Details: The Jetpack server could not communicate with your site’s XML-RPC URL. Please check to make sure is working properly. It should show ‘XML?RPC server accepts POST requests only.’ on a line when viewed in a browser and should not have any blank links or extra output anywhere.

I solved this problem, and now I will show you the steps :

Step 1: Instal WordPress plugins : (or find jetpack compatibility test plugin in google )
and – This plugin will fix the RPC file and remove space.

Step 2: In plugins, go to Jetpack compatibility test and then check You will have a full description of what can be a problem. You need to see :
XML-RPC server accepts POST requests only.
(Only one line of text. )

Step 3 :
Now, if you see some errors, deactivate all plugins and switch to some other theme. Now try to activate jetpack.

Step 4 :
If you see some errors still at, then please go to php.ini file and set: display_errors = off.

After that, try to activate the jetpack. Done. It works. Please write a comment and tell did your success. If you have a problem, please ask for help in the comment section below.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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