How to fix External hard disk beeping ?

Freelancers work a lot with hard disks, backup, etc.
External hard drive beeping and not working:
The hard drive can start beeping, in rare cases, due to a failure of the hard drive’s electronics to supply enough computer power to the spindle motor. Usually, the beeping sound actually comes from the spindle motor hub as it tries in vain to spin the platters.

External hard beeping problem:
External hard disk continuous beeping.PC can not detect an external hard disk. Several freelancers from this community had this problem. One freelancer had to Transcend external HDD, and he heard this strange noise, external hard disk beep sound.
He asked me: What are Transcend Hard disk sound Problems & Solutions?
Solution 1:

How to fix external hard drive beeping?

To fix external hard drive beeping, do the following steps:

  • Disconnect your external hard drive from the computer.
  • Unplug the cable from the hard disk.
  • Blow air (remove dust) from the ports of the computer, hard drive, and cable.
  • Reconnect the hard drive to the PC via the same cable and check whether the hard drive beeping issue still happens.

Solution 2: Fix USB port

The reason for this continuous beep at the hard disk is a hardware failure. Especially if the disk motor is not running. The main reason for such failure is a lack of power. The problem is your USB port.

It would help if you tried from other USB ports to connect an external hard disk or use a USB hub with an external power supply or try from another notebook or computer.

I usually use a USB port in my computer’s back (not one in front of it).

The problem will be solved in 80% of all cases.

Solution 3: Uninstall USB devices

Uninstall all USB devices from the device manager and then download drivers for specific intel-based USB ports – simply an uninstall and re-install without letting windows install their recommended drivers.

Good luck!

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