How to Earn Money as Freelancer ?

Expertise, inclination, and dedicated time are the only resources you will need to start making money from the Internet from the luxury of your home. ET explains a couple of established methods through which you can make that much-needed extra money or a permanent job.
Unlike permanent or temporary employment, which involves daily full-time employment, part-time employment is temporary and lasts as long as the project you are engaged in. At the same time, you can have several part-time jobs paid in agreement with the employer. Although you do not have an imposed working time, you have a deadline (delivery deadline) that you must comply with so as not to have a problem with your employer or client.

Remember the artist. They make their money part-time. Artists have no place to hire and are forced to work part-time for the rest of their lives.

It is desirable to have a contract for each part-time job. If you do not have a contract and work with strangers, it will be tough to prove fraud if it comes to it.

So let us first ask the right question:

How to make money from home!

Education is one of the best investments that any person can make. Except for formal education, there is self-education. Many people do not talk much about self-education and think that free online courses and the Internet are not good sources for learning important stuff. But this is a mistake.

The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself… The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.
Warren Buffett

Freelancers do not need theoretical knowledge – they solve problems, help people, and earn money for themselves and others. So, in my opinion, we can split all ideas into seven groups :

Group 1: Internet programming, freelance jobs on web portals, doing tasks for other people.
Group 2: Passive income: trading, finance, investing.
Group 3: Selling physical products
Group 4: Selling digital products.
Group 5: Writing, blog writing.
Group 6: Art

We will not talk all about these six groups. Below are just a few ideas that you can use to answer how to make money from home.
The Internet is home to thousands of fraudulent companies claiming to pay you large sums for delivering their work. But in reality, don’t. Never believe companies that promise to pay you money for filling out surveys or those that ask you to make payment upfront. To get reliable work and on-time payments, you can refer to Elance, Odesk, or
If you want to find a part-time job, I can suggest a freelancer job website that lists new and past employment for the last six years. This way, you can see how a particular job example job post looks.
These sites offer freelance jobs and require you to become a member to look for jobs. You must also prove your skills by taking tests. If interested, people can hire you hourly, and the trick to earning more is to deliver on your tasks as per the deadline and build your reputation.

Group 1: Internet programming, freelance jobs on web portals, doing tasks for other people.

1.1 Create software or websites for clients. Below is a programming IT skills list

.NET backbone.js Linux
4D Firefox Parallels Automation
x86/x64 Assembler Volusion Fortran
HP Openview YouTube SQL
PostgreSQL DotNetNuke Electronic Forms
Assembly Visual Basic for Apps Objective C
Debugging Django Software Architecture
Software Development Sencha / YahooUI Mac OS
edX C++ Programming TaoBao API
XSLT Red Hat Metatrader
Game Consoles Zoho CUDA
Boonex Dolphin Pattern Matching System Admin
Rocket Engine Debian CubeCart
Zen Cart LabVIEW Zend
D3.js Interspire OSCommerce
Microsoft Access Plesk Google Chrome
FileMaker JavaFX NoSQL Couch & Mongo
Joomla ASP Ubuntu
Nginx Link Building Ning
Windows 8 Computer Security Magento
Web Hosting SEO (532) webMethods
Social Engine Face Recognition Windows API
eLearning Python SAP
WPF Big Data Oracle
eCommerce WHMCS R
Hadoop Express JS Drupal
FreelancerAPI OpenCL Socket IO
C# Programming Unity 3D vBulletin
Sharepoint Lotus Notes Google Go
Tumblr MVC Java
AJAX Asterisk PBX Virtual Worlds
Ruby on Rails Siebel PICK Multivalue DB
BigCommerce OCR Silverlight
BMC Remedy Social Networking XMPP
Cisco Website Testing Prestashop
AutoHotkey PhoneGap vTiger
Codeigniter Moodle Symfony PHP
Script Install Scala Virtuozzo
DOS Javascript CRE Loaded
Game Design VoIP Database Administration
MariaDB Business Catalyst TestStand
Open Cart Forum Software Expression Engine
Google App Engine Bitcoin Computer Graphics
Prolog Visual Foxpro Balsamiq
Umbraco Microsoft REALbasic
Grease Monkey CakePHP UNIX
WordPress Windows Desktop Chef
QlikView Gamification MODx
Erlang Linkedin Knockout.js
Perl Biztalk Apache
Apache Solr Windows Server Microsoft Expression
Apple Safari Embedded Software IIS
Visual Basic Protoshare CasperJS
Haskell CS-Cart Twitter
Google Plus jQuery / Prototype Yii
Google Web Toolkit Software Testing Cold Fusion
Paypal API Azure JSP
Virtuemart HTML MySQL
Chrome OS Google Earth Photoshop Coding
AS400 & iSeries Google Analytics Shopify
Analytics Chordiant Web Scraping
Shopping Carts UML Design Parallels Desktop
Shell Script Dynamics Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Exchange Jabber Blog Install
XML Cloud Computing User Interface / IA
PHP node.js Solaris
Pinterest Puppet Active Directory
IBM Tivoli Web Security Delphi
DNS Scrum Development QuickBase
C Programming Map Reduce Kinect
Website Management Agile Development SugarCRM
MySpace Usability Testing Dart
Ruby Cocoa

1.2 The following jobs are related to Mobile Phones & Computing. You can create mobile phone applications. Here is the skills list (job list):
freelance jobs ideas

1.3. Earn money as a writer. Below is the writing categories list:
writing ideas niche

1.4 You can earn money online as a designer as well. Below is the design media and architecture jobs list :

design ideas

1.5. Data entry and administration is very often an online job. Here is the online data entry job list:
data entry ideas

2. Make & sell your apps
With the proliferation of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, making and selling apps is a meaningful business idea. It is easy to learn how to make apps through online resources and tutorials that can be found for free. The learning can be easy, but the tricky part is choosing an idea for sales. After designing your app, you must submit it to the app store for which you have designed it, and you can also include in-app advertising. Whatever you earn, post the deductions credited to your account each month.

3. Self-Publish Books
If you feel that you are a good writer and have the potential to publish a book, you can make Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. This service allows users to self-publish their books on the Kindle (ebook) store. For every sale of their book, the author will earn royalties. Authors can select between 2 different royalty plans – the first is the 35% royalty, which applies to any book sold in any country. The second plan is 70% royalty, which targets specific countries. Indian authors can choose their prices for the Indian bookstore and opt for Indian currency to get their royalty payments.

4. E-tutoring
If you are good at teaching, you can register at websites like or and earn money by working as an online tutor. To start, you must design your tutor profile by listing all the subjects you are good at, the grades you want to teach, your work rate, your experience, and the times you will be available.
Once your profile is verified, students will contact you to get tuition. The online tuition websites also provide teaching aids like collaborative whiteboards and online chat tools. You can gradually increase your remuneration after improving your teaching skills and teaching more students.

gold ira scams  buyer beware

5. Sell old stuff online
If you have any old stuff lying around in your house, you can make money by selling them online—,, and are websites that serve as online classified ads. To sell your stuff, you must create an account and upload information related to the items, such as photos, their current condition, and the expected price. Those interested in buying will contact you, and you can negotiate the deal with them.

Make a blog or site – Earn from advertising.
Google AdSense is an advertising platform that allows you to display ads from Google on your website, YouTube channel, or blog. To take advantage of this, you must create an account by visiting You can use the same account for all your blogs and other online content. To earn more on your advertising, you must generate more traffic for your site.
If you write, ensure you write about something you know you are passionate about. When you upload videos to YouTube, ensure they are not plagiarized and look attractive. Use social media to promote your content. It will take time for the revenue to start flowing, and Google will only pay you after the balance in your account exceeds $100. So be patient and give your best.

Start an online shop.
Take advantage of your creative side and start your online handicraft shop. Alternatively, you can get cheap stuff from wholesale dealers and sell it online at a higher margin. Use sites like www.eBay. In and to sell your stuff.
The signup process for these sites is straightforward. Once you have become a seller, you can follow their instructions to start your virtual shop.

Passive income
One of the best ways to earn money is to “earn money while “u sleep.” Real estate or stock trading are examples. In the beginning, you can start a business to let other traders trade for you or to learn about the trading business and become a real trader.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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