What is Bookkeeping? – How to Start a Bookkeeping Business?

Are you numeric oriented? If your personality is numeric, digits, or figures oriented, you love playing and working with numerals and spreadsheets. You can capitalize on your talent and skills to earn money while being at home.

Become a bookkeeper! That is a straightforward and flexible option to earn money while creating your work schedule with full-time management autonomy.

What you need to consider once you have decided to become a bookkeeper, keeping in mind your talent, interest, and personality compatible with numerals. Now what you are required to be and have to have is.

Requirements to become a bookkeeper.

  • You need to be an organized and detail-oriented person.
  • Laptop or desktop computer with the latest operating system
  • Bookkeeping software to get started
  • A reliable and fast internet connection

To get started, you may not be required to have a university degree in accounting. Still, you must understand bookkeeping and hunger for undertaking real-world accounting issues and an assurance of being precise and exhaustive.

Through this article, you will understand the following in sequence respectively;

  • What is a bookkeeper you are required to do?
  • What training are you needed to have?
  • How to work while being at home as a bookkeeper?
  • What range of money can you earn in a month?
  • Where can you find remote bookkeeping jobs?
  • Conclusion


What is a bookkeeper you are required to do?

Essentially, each business is required to keep and maintain track records of what their income is and outflow, balanced stocks or inventory and manage staff payroll. The interesting part of such tasks is that it translates to every industry or sector, either service or manufacturing, local or international. Do remember that the bookkeepers are supposed to work with and for dissimilar types of customers and clients, such as small businesses, charities, Non0governmental organizations, fortune 500 companies, and bloggers.

What is bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is the process of business accounting based on the recording of financial transactions. Transactions include sales, purchases, payments, and receipts by a person or an organization/firm/corporation.

What does a bookkeeper do?
Bookkeepers record all transactions and post debits (costs) and credits (income). They also produce financial statements and other reports for supervisors and managers. Bookkeepers do the following tasks:

  • Balance of receipts and income
  • Managing organizational payroll
  • Upholding the general ledger
  • Managing inventory
  • Revenue recognition
  • Managing accounts payable and receivable
  • Bank reconciliation and Bill payment

How to become a bookkeeper?

To become a bookkeeper, you can have a university degree in accounting, business administration, or a related field if you are interested in joining any company you wish as a bookkeeper. However, you actually don’t need any specific qualifications to become a bookkeeper, and you don’t need to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

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Allied knowledge and experience dealing with balancing the company books and budgets may help you to be on or choose the right track.

Don’t worry!

  • Nevertheless, alternatively, a choice is to join a “bookkeeping training course” that will help you even launch your own business. Thorough research and surfing to find a comprehensive training course. A training course that will make you learn the required and relevant bookkeeping skills and how to establish a business, catching clients, and making them satisfied and happy.
  • Additionally, be acquainted with the following accounting software as; Quicken, QuickBooks’ and Xero. Nearly bookkeeping software is included in bookkeeping training courses that will benefit you in getting started.

In organizations, all the bookkeepers come under the umbrella of accounting, but they can have a dissimilar set of accountabilities and responsibilities. They are needed to focus on everyday routine operations; likewise, income and expenses, bill payment, inventory, and tracking, etc., will be required to be accurate, precise, and thorough while managing a business’s financials.

How much do bookkeepers make?
Bookkeepers in the US can earn from $22K to $110K per year. They can earn from $12 to $26 per hour. Bookkeeping salaries vary depending on the individual’s education, employer, level of experience, and location.

Where can you find remote bookkeeping jobs?

There are several options to find bookkeeping jobs If you’re prepared and equipped to do bookkeeping jobs while being at home as a bookkeeper. You can reach out to the organizations you have worked with before because they might have new openings for remote bookkeepers and recruiting new bookkeepers.

You can open the websites from the following list we have made for the new job seekers of remote bookkeeping. Nonetheless, a few of them ask for prior experience. Remember that all of these organizations recruit bookkeepers as full-time employees, yet they do have work-from-home opportunities as remote bookkeepers.  


Do you see a work-from-home job with benefits, a full-time basis? Then do check out www.accountindepartment.com this organization is having all virtual employees and offers the jobs of advisory services, controller, and bookkeeping. This organization requires all employees should be based in the United States as some office work and travel may be required. This company prefers at least two years of experience in bookkeeping. This organization focuses on creating and maintaining a work-life balance for all of its workforce and aiding their personal and professional development. To know about current vacant positions, you can check out through the following link:


Belay Solutions

Baley Solution is an Atlanta based organization but operates almost 48 states in the United States. This organization hires employees for dissimilar positions such as virtual bookkeepers, virtual assistants, and web specialists to aid big businesses and facilitate them to grow.

This organization requires at least 5 years of experience for virtual bookkeeping positions from the new candidates interested in these types of jobs.

By clicking the following link, you may have access to the current opening at Belay solutions; https://www.belaysolutions.com/jobs/.


This organization, “Bookminders,” was established in early 1991, which cost-effectively provides bookkeeping services for non-governmental organizations and low volume businesses. Bookminders hire individuals in bookkeeping as accountants who are interested in working remotely from home and wanting to enjoy an improved work-life balance.

This company hires accountants on a full-time and part-time (work-from-home) basis. Blueminders prefer individuals with at least 5 years of experience in the accounting field and with a university degree in the same field.

This company also prefers those individuals who reside in the vicinity or close to its physical office. They are operating in different States of the United States, such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. They also require individuals to have laptops, home-office-spaces, and transport for local travel if required.

If you are interested in having more information regarding the current openings, job specification, and description, or if you want to apply for the vacant position, click the link below; https://www.bookminders.com/careers/our-process.

You want more!


This company offers its bookkeeping and accounting services to small-sized and mid-sized organizations. This organization works as BPO (business process outsourcing) in various parts of Asia and California with its virtual team.

Bookkeepers and accountants work in collaboration in partnership with a company’s “click accounts” accountants, controllers, CPA, and CFO. This organization’s services are related to Accounts receivables, Accounts payables, bookkeeping, bank reconciliation, and transaction of various entries. This organization also offers bill payments services, handling revenue recognition, depreciation, income, and balance of all income and receipts.

You can send your resume to career@cliackaccounts.com directly because this company is not used for advertising positions, but they look for talented and experienced individuals to get them hired.


This is an online job site that focuses on flexible and remote jobs in numerous diverse domains, including bookkeeping. Managers at this organization scrutinize all the job listings and also verify their legitimacy.

This platform will facilitate you to explore a flexible and remote position that suits your qualification and experience.

Good News!

This site’s officials arrange one-on-one career coaching sessions with the candidates, review the resume, proficient skills tests, and work search checklists. Full-time, part-time, flexible, or telecommuting and freelancing bookkeeping positions can be found. You can open the site to have information about current vacant positions by clicking the link below;



This is another job marketplace available online. You can catch a variety of dissimilar vacant jobs related to virtual bookkeeping. These jobs can be full-time, part-time, and or freelance. You are just required to create a profile after sign-up, then upload your detailed information to get started.

This site also provides information on domestic and national compensation (salaries) information about the organizations that can help you apply a decision. Click the link below for available positions.



This company deals especially with small businesses and organizations and offers its services to fit their requirements and costs. This company’s services are accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, tax, CFO services, and Human resources.

This organization offers its employees flexibility, liberty, and the skills to work from home. You can also be eligible to access medical facilities and benefits after retirement, paid-time-off, and a home-office stipend monthly. Click the link below for more information related to available positions https://smartbookscorp.applicantpro.com/jobs/.

Be your boss (Start your own business)

Don’t underestimate yourself!

You can launch your private bookkeeping business if you wish to be your boss. Unlike conventional jobs in bookkeeping, it’s up to you to decide how to set up a structure and the processes or procedures to work from home.

You will be required to learn how to start and run your business and find out the clients. Eventually, having your own bookkeeping business means a much advanced earning perspective. 

Nevertheless, you might not have the safety-net of routine paychecks and possible outcomes (benefits) like health insurance and leaves, and retirement. You will be required to pay your taxes on your own.

The requirements of starting your business will remain the same to manage the finances of your clients, such as;

  • Work-space with a computer
  • Reliable fast-speed internet connection
  • Accounting and bookkeeping software
    • QuickBooks and Xero (these are two popular options)

Joining a training bookkeeping course will help you to learn how to start a bookkeeping business. If you have your own bookkeeping business, you may have your own set of challenges, and the right course can benefit you to understand the ins and outs.

You can build your own business website to market your services to display to your prospects to help them. You can include certifications, experience, and a list of current and past clients, along with their testimonials on your website.

How to Work From Home as a Bookkeeper

You will be responsible and accountable for an organization’s payroll, bank reconciliations, accounts payable, and accounts receivable as a bookkeeper. You may be given as assignments the financial reporting for churches, businesses, and nonprofits.

Work-from-home as a bookkeeper is considered the best for individuals who carry some previous experience. Many of the organizations hire bookkeepers to work-from-home on a full-time, or part-time basis want previous experience.

You are suggested that if you don’t have prior experience in bookkeeping before, then consider doing a job first in an office to learn the basics. You can have a training course on bookkeeping to comprehend the basic principles and rules, as there is no substitute for the real experience.


What range of money can you earn in a month?

More than a few aspects are involved in that “What range of money can you earn in a month” as a bookkeeper through remotely working. According to ZipRecruiter, the average range of earning is $28/hour, while the earning can range from $7 to $62 per hour. But, if you have your bookkeeping business/firm along with a rich experience, then you can charge higher rates as compared to working for a company and get paid through salary or per-hour rates.

The certified bookkeepers with (CPA) can knack a higher salary, and the average salary of CPA bookkeepers varies between the ranges of $65,014 to $122,500 per year.

The Bottom Line

If you are interested in work-from-home and have a passion for numerals, becoming a bookkeeper is a perfect option. There are several possibilities and opportunities to earn money by appreciating the liberty and freedom of a flexible work plan.

Almost all the fields or industries must have bookkeepers and accountants, which means this position is in demand and has a good and long-term employment outlook. If you have experience as a bookkeeper already, this can make it easier for you to secure a remote job with a reputed organization.

Though, it might be you are not having work experience or wish to launch your own business. If this the situation, you can have a training course on bookkeeping that will impart you not only bookkeeping principles but also how to find your possible clients to go out on your own.


Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith

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