How to be a Freelance Courier?

Today, most companies outsource some of their work to cope with time constraints. The companies often hire freelance couriers to get their things delivered on time. Since there is a growing demand for freelance couriers in the current business scenario, a freelance courier job is considered lucrative.

What Does a Freelance Courier Do?

Freelance courier is a part-time job where freelancers usually have tasks to deliver a package to its destination in the fastest and most efficient way. Freelance courier may drive, bike, fly, take a train, or run to the given destination.

How to be a Freelance Courier?

To become a freelance courier, you first need to choose a mode of transport, then consult an insurance agent, sign a contract with a suitable cellular service provider, and finally, promote your business.
The following steps will guide you through establishing your business as a freelance courier:

1.     Select a Means of Conveyance

As per your preferred scale of work, you may opt for a car or a medium-sized van. In the initial stages of work, it is better to choose a car with good running efficiency. Since most of the delivery items are small packages or letters, you won’t really require a large-sized vehicle.

2.     Consult an Insurance Agent

You need to consult an insurance agent to get the delivery items insured and learn about the different rates required for courier coverage. These rates usually depend upon the value of standard deliveries. Thereon, you may go for the appropriate policies.

3.     Set Up a Contract with Mobile Network Operator

Being a freelance courier, you often have to make calls to the delivery packages’ sender and recipient. Besides, you have to be available to receive their calls at any time. So, it is best to purchase a plan with adequate talk time or unlimited calls. For this, you may have to sign a contract with a cellular service provider.

4.     Install a Computer System at your Operation Base

A computer system is necessary to record your work, check emails from customers and clients, create and maintain your website, and manage other work-related communication. Through your website, you will be able to get more business opportunities and expand your work area.

5.     Estimate the Costs

You must be aware of the expenses involved in your car/van’s upkeep and related costs of fulfilling your tasks. For a better evaluation, you may ask your fellow freelance couriers about their work expenses.

6.     Promote your Business

After setting up your business, you will need to promote it to reach potential clients. Start with getting your business information available in the yellow pages and similar listings. Thereafter, you can make use of business cards, flyers, and other ways to advertise your work.


In real life, a freelance courier is not such an easy and lucrative job. There are a lot of real-life stories that point out that some things couriers must be aware of. Please watch a video about freelance courier and major problems:

Can you make money as a courier? How much money can you make on the courier exchange?
The annually average salary for a Freelance Courier is $45000 in the United States. In the UK, 40K till 50K pounds per year. Please listen to the life story of a real freelance courier:

Freelance Courier Tips:

  • If you cannot maintain a proper financial record of your work, it would be better to avail of an accountant’s services. Alongside this, you may learn the bookkeeping skill yourself to reduce future costs.
  • Freelance couriers generally work for courier firms and local companies and businesses on a subcontract basis. To get profitable work and build healthy relationships with their clients, you may arrange personal meetings or make business-to-business calls with prospective clients. It is important to have a presentation ready and dress professionally for these interactions. Further, you must keep these meetings brief and respect their time. At the end of the meeting, you may provide your business card and price list along with contact information.

One more thing. Please remember this:
Can I send money by courier?
Courier companies do not allow shipping money, coins, banknotes, lottery tickets, coupons, dividend warrants, cheques, and postal orders, or any other document that one can exchange for money; precious metal, and stones.

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