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Car tows are frequent in the United States, and most car owners will find that at least one tow is needed for their lives. However, towing rates may be expensive if you are not a roadside help organization or receive help from your insurance company. In addition, it might be tough to pay a tow if you do not need one without an emergency fund.

How much does it cost to tow a car?

The cost to tow a car in the US is around $120 for 10 miles. Usually, for each mile, costs increase by around $4. However, if you have missing wheels, a broken, tired rod, a broken ball joint, or your car is stuck in the parking price will be increased.

The Average towing cost rates are:

  • Average Tow Truck Rates are in the range of $75 to $125 in the US.
  • Towing cost per mile is in the range of $2 to $6 in the US.
  • Flatbed Towing Rates are between $95 plus $3.50 per mile
  • Motorcycle Tow Rates are in the range from $75 + $1 per mile
  • Tow rate After Hours additional cost can be in the range from $5 up to $150
  • Tow rates for Large or Heavy-duty Vehicles are in the range of $10 to $35 (up to max 30%).

People can not understand that towing services may entail more than transferring a car. The charges may vary based on the situation, the services you require, your location, and the towing business. The average tow cost is $100 in the US, but the price depends on the size of your car and its towing distance. The basic charges for a “hook up,” whatever way your car needs to be hauled, are generally about $50.

The nationwide average cost of a tow is $109.1, according to Angie’s List. The exact costs vary by area, but a fee of $2,50 to $7 per millet should be expected. For heavy-duty vehicles, the higher dollar is more likely to apply.  The expense increases quickly. Here is an estimate of what you could pay:
If you find a mechanic in the vicinity, you can really cut your tow costs.

There are several causes for using a tow truck’s operations. Fortunately, a few of them may be avoided, but not many. You certainly have a tow truck if you have an injury, if your car is so damaged that it cannot be driven, or if your automobile has a technical issue that stops it from starting. Some of the usual reasons why a tow truck is needed are, however, preventable.

Have you ever left your lights unintentionally and murdered your battery? If you hold a couple of jumper wires in your trunk, you can avoid making a towing company’s expensive call. It is also good to look at the gas indicator and understand how to alter an apartment. (and keep a spare tire in your trunk).

How much does it cost to tow a semi-truck?

To tow a semi-truck you will need from $400 up to $10 000. Usually, the hook-up fee is up to $400 and from $5 to $10 per mile, or heavy-duty tow trucks can cost about $200 to $250 per hour. The price range is wide because of various impacts such as distance, weight, cleaning the mess, additional obstacles.

What is boat towing cost?

Boat towing average cost is between $120 up to $300 for a 40-mile tow. Price is in the wide range depending on boat size, boat weight, traveling distance, or additional obstacles. 


What Services Do Tow Companies Offer?

Tow companies offer the following additional services:

  • Gas delivery
  • Jumpstart
  • Unlock door
  • Tire change
  • Transport a vehicle
  • Pull you out if stuck


You will probably be hard pushed to locate a monetary figure if you look straight on the website of a towing business for a price. Towing charges are, however, rather common so that ballpark figures may be estimated. Towing charges generally start at $50 and can rise to $100 rapidly, depending rapidly on the tow e basic charge or “hook-up” price sometimes amounts to $50, regardless of whether the car is hauled for 1 or 20 kilometers. 3 In general, more miles come with a larger price tag. Normally, a normal tow is cheaper than a tow. However, a tow might be significantly greater owing to an automobile collision. If you tugged and confiscated your vehicle, you might pay extra charges that boost the overall cost significantly.

Roadside Assistance

Aid from the roadside might be helpful if you want a tow. The options for covering roadside aid differ amongst policies. Some automobile insurance companies have a coverage limit of $50, $100, and $150. A mileage limit can also be applied to the monetary coverage amount. For example, you can cover $50 for a tow of up to 20 miles with your insurance carrier. The coverage is sometimes based on miles rather than dollars. Certain insurance plans can cover 100 miles of tow, regardless of the fees of the towing business. To be confused, you need to understand how much your coverage is covered and how you should do when you acquire it.

If your automobile had to be tugged following a loss accident, you would most probably settle the tow costs in your claim without any roadside help being specified. Your insurance policy covers towing services. It is excellent to cover because a tow can cost more than a typical mechanical issue tow at the accident site. You should call your auto insurance agent if you have questions regarding your roadside assistance coverage. Sometimes, your agent can submit your claim and send a tow truck to your site. But, again, everything has to do with your policy. I hope you will be on your way soon, and make sure you maintain your receipt by quickly calling the towing agency.

Clubs for Roadside Support

Not all the support on the road is made equal, and not just your insurance agent. Prices and charges vary per region, but most AAA’s core schemes are less than $100 a year and include some towing. 2 Advanced plans cover a total of 100 miles or more of towing. So you don’t need to be hauled that far, hopefully! But if you do, you’re going to breathe a bit better, realizing you paid for this benefit previously. Membership clubs such as AAA may also offer advantages such as jumps if your vehicle battery fails, hotel and vacation discounts, and even loans and banking.

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