How to Get Ready Faster in the Morning – Quick Morning Routine

When you have too little time to get to the office, it becomes frustrating to commute. The feeling of getting up in the morning and preparing yourself to go to the office is not fun at all. Since the laws of Physics don’t align with the idea of teleportation, what can be done to make rushing to the office a thing of the past. What can we do until the times of shuttle that will zoom us from home to work?

Don’t worry. All you need to do is automate the morning routine, so you don’t have to constantly figure out what to do and get out for the office ASAP. You can use some tips to create a quick morning routine to get ready in the morning carefree and still have some spare time left.

How to Get Ready Faster in the Morning?

  1. Set up your alarm
  2. Prepare clothes night before
  3. Plan your breakfast night before
  4. Do multitasking
  5. Try not to use the phone in the morning.
  6. Prepare all your things such as a bag, umbrella, wallet, etc. the night before.

Quick morning routine for successful business people:

Tips for creating a quick morning routine:

Prepare the first you’ll eat in the morning, the night before:

Whether you are a breakfast person or not is your personal preference. But it will be sure to win if you prepare the first thing you will eat in the morning.

You can speed up your morning routine by boiling the eggs the night before. You can also try overnight oats or some chia pudding in the fridge to grab it on the go for breakfast.

What is the best quick morning routine?
Based on the latest scientific research from the USA psychological association, the best morning routine showed that morning showering is the best morning practice. The second thing that most people do is that food for work, car fuel, and all duties for the next day should be done yesterday evening. In that case, people will feel relieved every morning.

Prepare the coffee machine at bedtime:

Be sure to load the coffee machine and prepare your breakfast for the next day. The feeling of waking up and getting your coffee ready is magical.  You can also get an automatic coffee machine that brews coffee as soon as the timer hits the clock and your coffee is ready even before you’ve opened your eyes.

Layout your clothes the night before:

The night before, you can try and do a mental run-through of what you will wear the next day. It is just thinking about the dresses you have and what will suit the occasion just before you go to sleep. You can get an overcoat or a jacket ready by the door. It is just one less thing to worry about in the morning when you are sleepy, and so is your mind.

Make your minimalist morning make up routine perfect:

You may waste a lot of precious time while trying to put on liquid lipstick in the morning. The perfectionist in you might want a perfectly matching lip color and the sharpest eyeliner; it may be best for you if you choose a look that would only take a few minutes to make you look gorgeous.

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 You can also make changes in the types of products you use, like changing the moisturizer you use if it takes too long to get fully absorbed. See if you can opt for a day of dry shampoo instead of washing your hair each day.

Using The Two-Bag Work Week System:

It is frustrating to work to go through your bag and finding out that you have missed something at home. You can use a single bag workweek system to avoid this situation, and you can keep a mini bag along with it to keep your key essentials.

This will be helpful while swapping bags during the day or the weekend. You swap the bags without taking stuff out of it and transferring the essentials mini-bag without worrying about leaving your essentials at home like wallet, compact, lip balm, and keys.

Setting your morning alarm on repeat:

Most people set multiple alarms throughout the morning, just if you sleep through the first three or four of them. You can avoid this 7-alarm clock system by setting a single alarm set on repeat through the work-week.

The best way for it to work is to place your alarm clock away from yourself to avoid hitting the snooze button, and you do get out of bed to turn the damn thing off.

 Weekly check-ins on your metro card/gas tank:

To avoid wasting unnecessary time in the morning on errands like refilling your car’s gas tank or recharging your metro card, you can get it done beforehand. If you don’t find time to do this at some other time, you will constantly find yourself waiting in line and wasting precious time, and end up showing late for the office.

Keep Your Umbrella and Keys By The Door:

It would help if you optimized the time taken to leave the house for work. Have your umbrella, keys, and bag ready at the same place. You can hang all your essentials on a hook by the door. Having all you need in a single location may save up the time taken to go through closets and drawers.

Have a go-to emergency sweater or jacket:

For contingencies like a cold and chilly day, you can keep a jacket or a sweater by the door. Make sure the jacket or the sweater is color-neutral; you don’t want to go up and down the stairs and rummaging through your closet to find something to wear. You can also keep them in your car. You’ll surely save up a minute or two just by doing this.

It is important to remember that all it takes to make your morning routine quick is just planning everything ahead of time and having everything at your arm’s reach.

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