How to become SEO Consultant ?

In 2016, Borrell Associates conducted a study that estimated that approximately $65 billion was spent on Search engine optimization (SEO) by companies, and this amount was projected to increase to $75 billion by 2020. Since the internet search sector and specifically Google is changing their algorithm regularly, in some cases almost daily, becoming a freelance SEO consultant is a good career option with many opportunities available. Hence earlier a person starts getting the relevant experience and training in SEO, the better and tips on how to become SEO consultants are provided.

How to become a freelance consultant for SEO

Most SEO consultants first learn about SEO and digital marketing by building, optimizing their own website. Though there are many expensive online, college courses on SEO, the most inexpensive way of learning SEO is by purchasing a domain costing $10, Webhosting for $20 a year, and developing a website. This will help the person learn how to manage domains, set up web hosting, configuring it, basic HTML to develop a website and also WordPress which is one of the most popular content management systems. Usually, the SEO consultant has also written content for his website, to learn about copywriting.

Installing analytics software like Google Analytics also can help in improving SEO skills and knowledge. Most consultants are familiar with webmaster tools from Bing, Google, and others, the search console from Google and other features. The consultants also know that it is important to update the website regularly posting unique content. Though most consultants initially focus on monetizing their own websites using affiliate networks, Google Adsense, they find that this is not sustainable in the long term, and decide to offer paid services to other businesses, using their website knowledge and expertise

Step 1: Use Google search and find SEO consultant companies!
Try to learn from other people. See websites; what they offer? How do they charge clients for SEO services?

Step 2: Find a good SEO platform
As a freelance SEO consultant, you need to have an advantage from your clients, to know more than them. You need to have keywords research tools, ads research tools, SEO platform. Read more about SEO platforms and success stories. Using this tool you can research website keywords, competition, everything in one platform. Try 7 days for a free SEO platform.

Step 3: Finding SEO clients

Since the consultant already has websites that are generating revenues, they can register themselves as a specialist in online marketing, who is self-employed. Few additional legal formalities have to be completed, only a website for SEO is required. One way to get SEO orders is by helping businesses with basic web design, WordPress. There are many businesses which do not have their own website and helping them set up a website, doing the web design, can build trust. The consultant can then leverage the relationship to get orders for SEO services, which are paid monthly or periodically.

Another way an SEO consultant can increase his exposure so that people are aware of his services is by offering SEO services to nonprofits and charities. These organizations are well connected and may help the consultant get more orders if they are happy with his work. This work may help the SEO get free links on the website footer and mentions in social media. However, if the free work does not lead to paid orders later, it may not be lucrative for the SEO consultant. Hence it is advisable to consider each offer carefully.

Facebook ads and Google ads are excellent ways to promote your posts or your services and attract clients.

Step 4: Specialized SEO consultant

After a consultant has got the SEO experience he requires working with a large number of clients, in different industry sectors, he may consider specializing in a specific SEO field to get more orders. Usually, SEO is classified into the categories of on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO focusses on the website content, technical aspects, and anything on the website which is being optimized while offsite SEO is related to getting links to the website, promoting the business on other websites. Though some areas of SEO may be more lucrative, and demand may be higher at present, a consultant should focus on the areas in which he is interested in, has the relevant skills.

In the last few years, there is an increase in the demand for SEO specialists in Javascript, since more websites are using this technology. Search engines may interpret the javascript incorrectly. Some of the areas of specialization for SEO are content marketing, link building, technical SEO, WordPress SEO, international SEO and enterprise SEO. Whichever field an SEO consultant prefers to specialize in, the consultant should spend a lot of time updating himself with the latest developments in the field, technology to become a specialist. He should also network with other SEO consultants, test the claims of other SEO experts to find out whether it is applicable for his SEO clients

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