Foot Soak Definition

A foot soak is a solution of water with herbs, moisturizers, salts, and other ingredients. Soaking feet in the water with herbs and moisturizers helps in relaxing the muscles. The solution can be homemade or commercial. A foot soak can be made by adding soda to warm water. An exhausted foot in warm soda water is a perfect solution to relax. Also, if you have an odor problem in your feet, a foot soak will surely help.

What’s the formula of foot soak?

Severe conditions like fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and itchy feet can also be comforted with a foot soak. A baking soda – water mixture can help, but medical practitioners would recommend medicated soaps and creams.

A mixture of lavender, herbs, peppermint, avocado oil, vanilla, and essential oils in jars is a perfect choice for a foot soak.

Many foot soaks consists of Epsom or dead sea salt. The salts consist of magnesium.

Magnesium has the property of soothing the muscles. It reduces inflammation and swelling. Salts from the dead sea have high magnesium content. Therefore, it’s an essential element of bath products.

People practicing yoga also practice foot soak. You can also have a foot soak before sleep time. The relaxing of muscles helps you sleep better. The water can be poured into the container at home or a lake or a river. Anywhere you can sit in silence and doodle your toe fingers in the water.

What is an Electric Foot Spas?

The electric foot massager has a mechanism to warm the water and create bubbles. The bubbles help in massaging the toes. The electric setup also has a pad on which you can rest the feet. You can add marbles or pebbles to increase the efficiency of the process.

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