Drill Vise Definition


A Drill Press Vise represents a mechanical device that is used to clamp a workpiece during drilling operations. It prevents the movement of the item while the drill bit is pressed into it. 



One of the major disadvantages is that most Drill Press Vises have jaw openings have ranged between 6 or 7 inches (15.24 – 17.78 cm). Due to this drawback, larger workpieces cannot be secured in Drill Press Vises.

How to install a drill press vise?

Determine the hole, and thereafter, set the Vise in place to drill a hole. You’ll need four to six bolts to install and secure the drill press vise. Next, loosen the Vise and move the object to line up the next hole under the drill bit. Well, a similar concept holds when drilling holes in multiple identical workpieces as well.

There ate two methods to install a drill press and secure a workpiece firmly enough to prevent unwanted movements. Either you can use clamps to fixate the workpiece to the table or opt for Drill Press Vise. Clamps are preferred when there are large and irregularly-shaped workpieces. On the other hand, Drill Press Vises works best when working with thicker, narrower, or tall pieces. It is because these pieces will perfectly fit in the narrow space between the Vise’s jaws. Drill Press Vise is also preferable where multiple holes need to be drilled in the workpiece.


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