Difference Between Pardons and Parole?

Pardons and parole, meaning
The difference between parole and pardon is reflected in that parole is not permanent. In contrast, a pardon is permanent, and it frees the convict from all the criminal charges and restrictions. The parameters and guidelines to award each are different for each. A parol has many restrictions, and the concerned subject is still a criminal and liable to answer the parol officer regularly. In general, the king or the president of the country offers pardon. Pardon is a severe action as it completely washes all the charges against the subject. The cases of Pardon grants are very occasional and rare.


The convict on parole has these restrictions to follow and keep in mind.

  1. The parole granted convict has to report regularly to the assigned official.
  2. A party who is on parol is far away from incarceration.
  3. The right to complete freedom is lost.
  4. The parolee has to abstain from drugs, alcohol and show good conduct.
  5. Regularly catch up with the Parolee officer and follow the regulations set by him/her.

How can a convict apply for Parole or Pardon?


The government sets up the Parole Board, and the convict has to apply to the board to receive the Parol. Pardon is certainly a subject of the highest authority in the country. The king or the president only has the right to Pardon the convict. The nature of the pardon eliminates criminal charges and records. Pardon is also granted posthumously for cleaning the memories of the subject. Posthumous granting is an infrequent occasion and is often a government’s or ruler’s mistake mended.


What is the difference between Probation, Parole, and Pardon in simple words?


Pardon is a very different case where all the charges are evicted and, the subject is free to live off his/her will. On the other hand, probation and Parole are similar instances to reduce jail time. In both of these situations, the subject has to meet the government assigned officials regularly.

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