Difference Between Ottoman Hassock and Footstool

An Ottoman, Footstool, and Hassock is furniture where a person may rest his feet. Though they are closely related, they may still have differences and variations in the footrests. The size, style, appearance are some points that may lead to the differentiation between Ottoman, Footstool, and Hassock. 


 A footstool is a general category of furniture, and many different items may fall under this category. The footstool’s primary purpose is to support the person’s feet while they are sitting. A stool can be made up of wood, and there may be different materials to be made. For example, both Ottoman and Hassock fall under the footstool category. 

What is the difference between a hassock and an ottoman?

The difference between a hassock and an ottoman is storage because Hassock contains no storage, and an ottoman does have storage. Ottomans and hassocks are both footstools.



The footstool has a wide range of objects that can keep down one’s foot pressure. The ottoman is a large stool that is covered by fabric. The thing which makes is its generous storage. Ottoman can be used to store items inside it. The word ottoman was first generated from its French Version and introduced to the English vocabulary in 1806. The term denotes fabric that provides the reason for ottoman always has a fabric coating.



Each piece has some features and functions that are different from each other, and each is available in unlimited designs and shapes. All are good in terms of Comfort. The final choice depends upon the user’s taste and preference. 


Functions of Ottomans, Footstool, and Hassock




The ottomans were first introduced to Europe from Turkey in the 18th Century. They have multiple functions, but one which remains common is t serve as a footrest or stool. 

How to clean an ottoman?

To clean an ottoman, you need to use carpet shampoo or bleach-free mild detergent. Use 1/4 cup of detergent and warm water to make a sudsy solution.

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Are Ottoman beds dangerous?

Ottoman beds are not dangerous, and if you buy in-store ottoman wrong, it will have a safety rating. However, an ottoman for sleeping can be difficult for small kids.


Should the ottoman be the same height as the couch?

No, the ottoman should not be the same height as the coach. However, from a design perspective, ottoman height should not be more than 5 inches (12.7 cm), different from the couch’s height.


How to get stains out of an ottoman?

To remove stains out of an ottoman, please use carpet shampoo or bleach-free mild detergent. Use 1/4 cup of detergent and warm water to make a sudsy solution.


How oversized should an ottoman be?

Ottoman can be oversized and still look nice in the room. However, from a design perspective, ottoman height should not be more than 5 inches (12.7 cm), different from the couch’s height.


Can you sit on an ottoman?

Yes, you can sit on the storage ottoman because ottomans are designed for sitting, and they support feet and legs. In addition, Ottomans are strong enough to allow people to sit on them.


Ottomans have multiple functions, and they are now enjoying and gaining popularity as a piece of home furniture. Besides footrest, Ottomans can also be used as a coffee table and for extra seating. The latest trend which is going among people is for an additional room. This is because it minimizes the risk of injuries caused by running side the coffee table. The newly designed ottomans are large and can be used at various places for seating and serving. 


As far as style is concerned, ottomans are fit for formal settings. The furniture has storage, and it’s perfect for living rooms. The space in stools can be used to keep store the blankets or the newspapers and magazines. An ottoman can be placed in the bathroom for seating if a person feels to sit and relax. The new stools are different from the traditionally designed furniture. The technology has given a new type of ottoman designed with a machine fixed, which offers massages to the user’s feet while resting. 


Ottomans, like home furniture, can be used for different purposes. There are many styles in which stools are available. The footrests can be used as a design with the main furniture. Ottomans are available in different furniture fabrics, and there are many possibilities of it to match the material of main home decor. 


Ottomans can be used as extra seating options. The starting range of furniture is from 100 dollars and may even cost up to 1000$. If you find it costly, prepare a simple ottoman using plywood, fabric, and foam. An ottoman as furniture can be stored and fitted with anything like a table. In a small apartment, stools can be used as a mode of extra seat and table. 


If you ever find an ottoman for sale, consider it for purchasing because it is worth it. 




A footstool or a footrest is a piece of furniture used for the comfort placement of the foot. A stool can be divided into two categories: Comfort and another designed for function.


Comfort – This type of footstool is used to provide comfort to the person who is seated. It is a short, broad, four-leg stool. The top of it consists of fabric. It also relates to the ottoman. It gives support to the person’s leg, who is sitting on a chair. There is a standard footstool too, which is height adjustable. 


Function – This type of footstool is used for someone whose leg doesn’t reach the floor(Kids). The ottoman is placed comfortably under the seat so that the person may rest comfortably. The perfect example of it is a piano stool used in conjunction with the piano bench. 


A barber chair also has a footrest. A car also has a dummy pedal that acts as a footrest for the driver, known as clutch or break. The brakes in a bicycle are also an excellent example of it. 



 What is Hassock?

A hassock is a thick, firm cushion used as a footstool or for kneeling like an ottoman. It is also covered in fabric. The work on Hassock’s covering is so extensive that any design or framing is not visible on it as an ottoman. Like ottoman, there is no central space available for storage in Hassock. This is why hassocks tend to be small than stools. Another name for ottoman-type furniture is tuffet.


A hassock is a padded cushion that serves for leg rest and seat. It doesn’t have any storage in it. Furniture can be both large and small in size and come with legs or without legs. It is lighter in weight and can be used to move anywhere around the room quickly. The small Hassock doesn’t take too much space and can be placed in any dining area corner. The bright color of a hassock makes it quite reflective. It is a perfect combination of Ottoman and Footstool with some key features. 


The difference between Ottoman, Hassock, and Footstool is very to understand. They are children of one family with different objectives and features with one motive to serve.

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