What is CRAC Unit? – Computer Room Air Conditioning

A place having many computers and servers at a single location is a data center. Every data center needs a cooling system to perform efficiently; therefore, CRAC (Computer room air conditioning system) is necessary for keeping the overall temperature regulated. As computers are becoming more compact, the power consumption and heat-generating capacity of the systems increase. Therefore most efficient cooling systems are needed to keep everything stable. Earlier, when few computers and heat generated were less, merely pumping the cold air in the space was sufficient. But, now, as the data centers’ capacity and the systems’ size increase, a continuous cooling system is required to keep things more relaxed in the surrounding environment.

CRAC unit or computer room air conditioning represents an air conditioning data center system necessary for keeping the overall temperature regulated.

Now let us see how the CRAC unit works:

Here is the CRAC unit example:

Here is an example of Server Room Air Conditioning Failure:

How to keep the modern computer center cooler?

The technique is to place racks in such a fashion that hot and cold shelves overlap one another. Cold air blows through the perforations in the tiles in between the frames. This way, a dynamic of air exchange is established, which keeps the overall atmosphere cool and cycled.
The space above the computer racks is free, and ducts or more CRAC units are set up over the shelves to establish hot airflow above the shelves, and the hot air is then pushed into the ground so that it can become cooler. Once the air becomes more relaxed, it is blown back into the room to regulate the temperature.

How to monitor devices for computer rooms?

The CRAC unit can enable the flow of cold air, but it cannot maintain its distribution. Therefore, small devices can be fit inside your computer to make air distribution uniform all over the space. 

The Temp defender RTU

The temp telecom defender monitors the condition of the computer room through sensors. Sixteen sensors measure airflow, smoke, humidity, and temperature. 

The temp defender has three control relays and eight dry contact alarms. The computer space is very conducive. You cannot be present every time to monitor the computer space; a temp defender has an alarm that emails you directly whenever an error occurs. It also has a very intuitive interface where you can now access real-time activity in the data center. 

NET Guardian 216: To keep a regular check on the CRAC Unit

NET Guardian 216 has analog and dry contact inputs. The dry contact inputs are used for studying the cabinet environment, while the analog inputs are for measuring the outside environment.

The combination of small equipment can overall measure and regulate the climate of the computer room.

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