How to Become a Full-Time Traveler?

Full-time traveling is a dream of many people who want to travel the world but can not dare to think of doing it. The reasons are many, like budget, job, income, etc. Traveling indeed has never been an easy job and taking your home along could become your worst experience so take my wise advice, do not even think of making your, this dream of traveling come true in an unsafe place and at unprepared time.

But many people are turning their dream of traveling into reality, doing and making a high income, and enjoying their lives up to well level. You can do that too! and about making money, Nah! That will not be creating any hindrance.

Just go with these steps, and you will know that finding life while traveling is an amazing experience. Let’s get started.

Living in a travel trailer full time

How to become a full-time traveler?
To become a full-time traveler, you need to be ready for a drastic lifestyle change, sell or rent your house, put your money into savings and work while traveling on the road. Place your focus and time and put your great effort into making money and saving them; after you realize making a living on RV is not easy, you will definitely take every way to save.

The first and easy thing is, Rent out your home. If you live in a house, it’s better to rent it out rather than leave it locked. Well, not much to persuade on it, but it could become your primary income source. 

The second thing is to sell your house. Yeah, if you do not want to rent out your home better is to sell it out. Do not forget to invest the money in a stable business or stock market before spending it without thinking about saving. Definitely, you are going to need it, but invest it somewhere is more profitable. Decide for yourself.

Before traveling full time, for more money-making ideas, selling your household items online like amazon, or else, you will get a good amount from selling it at your desired price rather than selling it to auctioneers.

Put your money into savings 

yeah, here is the basic point in getting nowhere but to savings direct. Listen, if you do not save enough money beforehand, how you think you will get the money for traveling full time. Think! Think! Think!

The ultimate answer is “savings” because it’s almost rare to get a lottery ticket if you are going on full-time travel.

It’s always wise and better to save first and spend less. It is a good chance to sell your house and invest your money in a good place; it is also be considered to save the rent you will get after you rent out your home if selling is not for you.

Make your budget

Budgeting…. you obviously can not ignore it anyhow; it is the discipline that your money needs. Without discipline, even humans get distracted so spending your money in a discipline is way more authentic than going wild in spending your money.

Now the question comes that how will you make a budget?

The budget for traveling starts with fuel. First, take out the sufficient amount for your fuel for RV, then budget for food, and last the other expenses. When you travel full-time, the budget will help you analyze when to take a break and stay and when to move.

Full-time traveling does not mean moving all day and night, which means traveling from one place to another and staying there for a good time and then moving again and stopping for another time.

Before you start traveling, pay off debt.

Traveling means having a freestyle life and all-time enjoyment, and these all come if you have a free mind, without any burden on it.

Releasing your mind from burdens like having debts, loans, etc., so start your full enjoyment journey after you pay off your debt, it will make you feel relaxed, but you can save your money without paying any installments on debt loans.

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Please include it in your budget before taking off on your journey. Do not take your debt burden on your travel.

Work while you travel on the road

here comes the topic you all are very concerned about: how you can earn money while traveling. Will, anyone, sponsors you, or will there be any organization or company that will pay you for traveling. Hold on for a minute because of whether it is possible to earn on the road while traveling? Then the answer is obviously

At this time, there are typically one thousand ways to earn from home, so likewise, you can take your home on the road and travel around and work on your laptops or tabs, etc. The more you have the freedom and an awesome workspace seeing the beautiful scenarios worth working online.

Here is the list of things you can do online and earn without going anywhere.

1- Sell beautiful photographs where you go

2- write travel guides

3- write travel blogs

4- publish or sell ebooks

5- design webs for clients online

6- Create apps and design them and sell them online

7- design clothes online

8- Become a mystery shopper

9- teaching online (language or skills)

10- fill out surveys online and get paid

Work like crazy.

It is quite obvious that full-time travels ask for your resignation letter. You cannot take both in one boat, so you have to work like crazy to make money at the same pace.

And working like crazy, you need to have scheduled, traveling, and having fun is to be on time and working is to be its own time that will make your da productive enough to make your speed of earning become double.

You can even stay for more than a month in a place you like you can find some jobs in the nearby area like many fancy jobs can make the day of yours while having something to do and making money alongside.

There are some of the works you can go to.

  • Bartend or work at some of the nearby restaurants.
  • Work at a hotel and enjoy the different night lifestyles of different cities.
  • Help out on a farm and earn money with the beautiful experience of living in the countryside.
  • Work on a cruise ship or yacht and have a free stay on the sea breeze.

Make your income stretch.

After going on full-time travel, you would have more time to work than to spend like 9 to 5 scheduling things.

Utilize your time and make your income stretched enough to make your adventures beautiful and enough to extend your travel time on the road. So for this, manage your time to work overtime when you have nothing else to do, and make some side income. You can do it in many ways, like selling things you buy from the countryside at a lesser price and selling them with some profit margin.

You can grow your own garden and sell it off when you need to move to another place; you can even start decorating events for kids and market this service of yours online so you will get projects too.

You can deliver things for people and get paid in return. Like all these, it all depends on the place you are traveling to, and you need to figure out which kind of work is more suitable according to the place and people, and you can get along with it.

Learn hacks for your full-time travel

Before going to full-time travel, call to ask other travelers and ask for the traveling hacks; it is not the same for everyone. Still, you will have the idea of living in the RV and make a living while traveling on the roads and making money.

Full-time travel is not usual in the daily life routine because you have to cover the weather and take the miles to go for the other destinations. So experiencing all these are not easy-going things; if you have the hacks, you will get the biggest advantage in making the budget for your whole year and planning everything.


Sell or rent out your car and make money.

Starting Rving is the way another thing and then having a car is of no use, to make more money you can sell your car and invest the money in the good business as I have discussed it for house selling and investing money but as like the renting out your house you can rent out your car as well, with the insurance and security you can put it on turo, monthly both your house and the car can make some money for the side income you will have the relaxation that you have your house and car and whenever you decide to come back and settle again you will have your house and car back without having anything to wait.

Make Friends on way

Traveling is the best thing if you have the nerves to make more friends. Making friends is a reliable thing you can use this habit, or you can say your nature of making some good friends and using this thing to gain some good experiences.

Making friends means having backup support when you want it and having the options to make some good memories. By doing this, you will know their cultures and have the opportunity to explore their city and things.

Don’t rush while traveling; take the full breath.

Taking your time while traveling is the essence of traveling. If you keep moving in a rush from one place to another, you will not get the time to think and realize the beauty of nature and time to make the full-time turn into a memory.

Traveling so far in a rush will only cost you the fuel, and then you will be only worried about the fuel and its cost whether or not you have had fun in the time of traveling.

Making the best out of your journey is to spend less money and utilize your energy to work for yourself; the real thing in traveling is to have something different, and you can have fun like this even more.

Traveling from one city to another and trying their food while it is expensive. Buying their crafts and antiques is another way of explaining travel. Though traveling is not only limited to only these factors.

You can have beautiful memories while not spending on expensive tastes but making the moment special, cooking their meals, and taking walks in their cultural crafts shops’ streets. You can have other ways for sure to have good food of their taste. Making memories and having a great time traveling is affordable, too, if you plan it in a way to get the things done.

Traveling is the full-time fun and the indirect name of tiredness as well. People cannot ignore becoming uneasy when you are doing full-time travel, especially because of the first experience and not having the hacks you should have before coming to full-time travel.

To be ready for every adventure and have the mindset, you will probably have the things not going like you want them to. Be prepared for it always; traveling is not usual to have the same easygoing things as we do have at home.

Always take a look at the weather of the place where you are going to, its better to have the mind and body be prepared for changing weather so rapidly while moving from one city to another.

Take the medicines and your first aid along with you before anything else, and the other thing that is last but not least is safety. taking safety measures is the first thing you need to take care of. Do not travel in such an area you do not have much knowledge about; it better to ask others about the area beforehand and stay in the area where you would have the signals of your devices and never stay in the remote area at night.

If you have kids along, then put on their watches to show their locations while playing the woods or hills or the area you do not know about exactly. Safety measures come first.

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