Duties and Responsibilities of Church Clerk

Every church has one or more church secretaries or clerks to oversee its administrative activities. In large churches, these clerks usually have an assistant.

Church clerks manage and maintain the records of church documents, reports, and meetings. They also compose announcements for the Sabbath and other occasions. Since the church’s annual and quarterly financial statements are to be legally produced publicly, the church clerks must ensure that the reports are correct and well-published for the general public and church members.

Here is a detailed description of the skills, tasks, and income prospects of church clerks:

Church Clerk Skills & Other Criteria

The exact selection criteria of clerks vary from church to church. However, most churches appoint the clerk from amongst the church members who are highly regarded.

Clerks are required to be detail-oriented and possess a good knowledge of bookkeeping. Their record management duties require legible handwriting, practical time management skills, and efficient and accurate note-making abilities. Further, the clerks must be acquainted with the congregation. Churches usually give equal importance to a skilled candidate and an experienced clerk.

Church Clerk Job Responsibilities

  • Communication Activities

Church clerks handle all sorts of communication, including taking phone calls, sending emails and thank you notes, distributing mail, etc. They also manage public relations activities and record the crucial milestones of church members, Iike, communions, weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, etc.

The church clerks must also update and post important information concerning new events, announcements, and meetings. This information is generally posted on the church’s bulletin boards, directories, and memos. The church members often watch these records for upcoming events or the latest news.Documents’‘ Maintenance

Church clerks maintain all kinds of records, such as transference and dismissal documents, balance sheets, disbursements, sign-up papers, baptism certificates, receipts, committee lists, vouchers, and related forms. Some clerks are also assigned office housekeeping services and decorations and supplies for celebrations.

The church administrators or pastors may also ask the clerks to pay bills, maintain tax files, schedule service calls, and carry out other essential tasks.

Church Clerk Salary Prospects

As per CareerBuilder, church clerks’ national annual average income was estimated at $32,540 as of July 2014. The employment scope of church clerks depends upon the growth and development of churches. According to the Large Church Salary and Benefits Report 2010 released by the Leadership Network, churches with more than 10,000 members thrived from 2009 to 2010. Further, the report also says that 80% of the churches with 2000-2999 members and cand churches with 1000-1999 members displayed similar growth simultaneously.

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